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Gorilla tracking

With only about 650 individual gorillas left in the whole world, Mountain Gorilla tracking is thus captivating and a life-time experience involving guided walks in the forest wilderness in search of these great apes. You will get to see what you have been reading or hearing about with your own eyes and might even discover more about these great apes than what was talked or written about! Do you know that Gorillas communicate? Confirm this yourself by visiting Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park - best parks for Gorilla Tracking.


Chimpanzee Tracking

Chimpanzees are believed to share ancestors with human beings since 90% of their genetic material is the same. Making visits to our cousins is an experience you do not want to miss. The feeding habits, response to humans, mating, and care given to their young ones is just amazing. Visit the Ngamba island in the Lake Victoria with Africa holiday guide, you will not miss a glimpse!

Game and scenery viewing

Uganda has a diversity of wildlife. Game drive is full of great glimpses of the indigenous wildlife/scenery. We boast of diverse habitats ranging from savannah, wetlands, forests and mountainous ecosystems and their corresponding diverse species.

Forest and Primate Walks

In most of Uganda’s National Parks and wildlife reserves, a network of trails is developed through which you experience the best of the nature walks with Africa holiday guide. The quietness of the wildness with sweet natural songs from birds and gentle winds in the leaves of the tropical rain forests will give you a great experience you can never forget. Depending on one’s interest, Africa Holiday guide considers short and long distance, day or night walks, hiking, primate walks, among others.

Bird Watching

Uganda being a world birding destination, it attracts migrants from the North and south and is the richest country for birds in Africa. Out of 1,500 bird species found in East Africa, over a 1040 bird species of these exist in Uganda compared to about 700 in the whole of Europe. Some of the exciting birds you will view include birds of water, land shore, scrub and woodland, forest and birds of the open plain. Spend a leisurely afternoon feeding your eyes and enjoying the most natural music you will ever hear!

Sport Fishing

Referred to as fishing for pleasure with a single rod, reel, or line where any fish caught are not for sale or barter, you get exposed to the most interesting activity which will be such an experience especially if fishing is your hobby. Sport fishing has started with full vigour and is one of those exciting moments to experience as a tourist.



Ever heard of snow at the equator; then experience the 5,119m high snow covered Rwenzori Mountains also known as the mountains of the moon and protected not only as a national park but also as a world heritage site. A trip to the Rwenzoris is a lifetime adventure and an exhilarating and rewarding experience that you do not want to miss! Mt. Elgon which is 4,321m, also a national park situated at the border with Kenya, is another area where mountaineering can be experienced and may include cross-border tourism into Kenya.


This is yet another self-rewarding activity that you can engage in at Mt. Mgahinga, home to the famous gorillas. Get to see the exciting Virunga volcanoes, which offers three extinct volcanoes (Mt. Sabyinyo 3669m,Mt. Gahinga 3474m, and Mt. Muhavura 4127m). At Mt. Sabyinyo, a hike up to the top of the 3 peaks guarantees you to be in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda at the same time.  Now this is something you want to be involved in while on a tour in Uganda and Africa.

Boat cruising.

Boat cruise in Murchison falls is mostly done in the afternoon on the Victoria Nile to the bottom of the falls. You will see a verity of hippos and crocodiles basking along the shores, buffaloes, and plenty of water birds including the rare shoebills, the seasonal River, papyrus swamp, amazing cliff that has attracting looks, the think forests that keeps on getting thinker and thinker as you approach the falls,

In Queen Elizabeth National Park, boat cruises are done on the Kazinga channel to the shores of Lake Edward and tourist will be able to see various wildlife such as the Hippos, Rhinos, Buffaloes, water-bucks, elephants and water birds are also common sights along the Kazinga channel. You can also connect to Lake George since Kazinga channel connects Lake George and Lake Edward.

Boat cruise on Lake Victoria is a must undertake where you will get to visit the Ngamba Island, a chimps sanctuary or Ssese Islands, a holiday or honeymoon destination in Uganda. There are small and mid-sized boats depending on one’s taste.

Community walks

Uganda has a very rich culture therefore taking a community walk where you will be introduced to the community’s cultural practices and norms plus way of life is a leisurely activity to consider. You will visit the village storyteller who has information ranging from what used to happen in the early African traditional society to what happens presently. You will meet farmers and learn how they do their activities, traditional healers and local handcraft makers like the Bigodi and Rubona weaver’s Association located almost in Kibaale National Park in western Uganda, where you won’t miss buying their local handcrafts because they are unique products.

Participate in day-to-day activities of a local community like traditional music, dance and drama, festivals, sports plus art and craft making. These activities are very interesting and inspiring; they will make your tour an unforgettable experience.




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