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Self drive Rental terms 


1)        To secure your 4x4 booking, a 20% non refundable deposit is required

2)        On collection of vehicle, a  security deposit is held  until the return of the vehicle

3)        The balance to be paid in full on collection of vehicle on arrival to your vehicle pick-up point.

4)        Master and Visa cards payments are acceptable via paypal.

5)        Unlimited mileage

6)        Your vehicle is handed over to you with no fuel unless you have requested it. Upon return, no refund for excess fuel will be  arranged.

7)        When calculating the number of days, the day of collection is counted as day one regardless of collection time. The day of return is counted as the final day regardless of time of day/night.

8)        A valid non-endorsed driver’s license is required which ideally needs to have been held for at least 2 years.

9)        If vehicle is returned early, (early termination) for any reason, no refund will be offered.

10)     We reserve the right, if for reasons beyond our control, the reserved vehicle is not available, to substitute the vehicle with another vehicle in the same category or in a higher category. This shall not constitute a breach or entitle the hirer to a refund

11)     Hirers are liable for the full period of their reservations, not withstanding the vehicle being rendered unusable as a result of an accident or mechanical breakdown.

12)     In the event of a breakdown the rental company will not be responsible for any alternative accommodation charges.

13)     Should the vehicle become unusable due to mechanical failure, an accident, theft, or for any reason whatsoever, the rental company will not be liable for any cost incurred by the hirer.

14)     The hirer is responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle during the rental period and must check water, battery and oil levels and tyre pressure. If repairs to the vehicle are necessary, consent to do so must first be obtained from the rental company, and the rental company will reimburse the hirer on receipt of proper documentation.

15)     All equipment in the vehicle is checked before handing over and the rental company does not accept any responsibility for any malfunctioning during the rental period.

16)     The vehicle shall be returned to the Rental Company, together with all its accessories, equipment and documents, all in the same condition as received, fair wear and tear accepted, at the same location as where collected, unless another location has been pre-arranged.

17)     Minimum age for the authorized driver is 23 + years of age & the maximum age is 70 years. The hirer must have a valid, unendorsed driver’s license. Only the persons who have signed the agreement may drive the vehicle.  The hirer is liable for any cost incurred as a result of any person driving the vehicle in breach of this clause

18)     Do not exceed more than 100km/hour on tarred roads 40km/hour on gravel roads and in national parks.

19)     Full water tanks (on certain vehicles) and gas bottles supplied

20)     Relocation fee for start / finish in another town on request

21)     Vehicles may ONLY be taken into neighbouring countries by special prior arrangement and authorisation.

22)     No night driving is allowed.

23)     Introduction and full demonstration of the vehicle and equipment on collection.

24)     Minimum rental is 2 days during the peak season.


25)     Whilst our vehicles  are covered by  comprehensive and 3rd party insurance, it is advisable to take out personal travel insurance for Theft and/or accident cover

26)     Excess is US$750 

27)     All accidents are to be reported to the police within 24 hours

28)     The above insurance does NOT cover:

29)     Any loose equipment supplied with the vehicles

30)     Damage to the interior of the vehicle other than by means of a collision

31)     Tyre damage or punctures

32)     Windscreen- damaged or broken

33)     Water or undercarriage damage

The hirer is fully responsible for:

34)     Damage to the vehilce or equipment caused by careless or reckless driving,

35)     Driver under the influence of drugs and alcohol

36)     Water submersion

37)     If the vehicle is abandoned and no contact is made to this office

38)     Driving on restricted or closed roads

39)     Damage to gearbox

40)     Damage to clutch

41)     Damage to diff lock. Driving on tarred roads with diff lock engaged

42)     No charge is made for cleaning, but the vehicle should be returned internally clean. A charge of BWP150-00 will be levied if the Vehicle is dirty inside.

43)     Check tyre pressure regularly and ensure the correct pressure is applied.

44)     If a replacement tyre is necessary, make sure it’s fitted with the correct size tyre and rim



46)     Cancellation – 29-90 days prior to departure = 70%

47)     Cancellation – 15-28 days prior to departure = 50%

48)     Cancellation – less than 14days – 0%

49)     In some cases it may not be possible to offer any refunds for certain services once a booking has been made. Specifically entry fees to the national parks.


50)     Habari Car rental  reserves the right to charge the hirer after the return of the rental for:

51)     Any traffic or parking fines. An additional amount of  US$50 for administration purposes will be added to the amount of the fine.

52)     Any damages and accidents that we have not been made aware of on the return of the vehicle.


53)     The hirer is responsible for insurance of personal property. To avoid possible theft, valuables should not be left in the vehicle.


54)     Route planning and accommodation  bookings

55)     Vehicle recovery

56)     Workshop assistance


Driver  NAME|_________________________________________________________________

DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER:___________________________________

PASSPORT NUMBER____________________________________________

VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER:____________________________________________________

ADDITIONAL DRIVER: NAME__________________________________________________________________________


DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER: ____________________________________________

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