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Secure your reliable, affordable and budget friendly 4x4 rentals in Liberia online with carhireandholidays.com. We are your number one trusted car rental agency in Liberia, dedicated to providing you with the best 4x4 rentals for an unforgettable rental experience in Liberia.

Rent one of our 4x4 vehicles with driver and travel to the famous Liberia towns of Monrovia, Gbarnga, Kakata, Harper, Bensonville, Zwedru, Greenville, New Yekepa and Buchanan. Book your rental vehicle with us offered at the cheapest, lowest and most competitive car rental quotes in Liberia.

For a memorable 4x4 safari experience in Liberia, we ensure to provide you with the perfect vehicle to suit your travel requirements and needs. Be it visiting friends, attending business meetings or conferences, vacation tour, touring off road Liberia attractions or simply cruising around Monrovia town, we have the right vehicle for you.

We offer a wide fleet of 4x4 rentals in Liberia including but not limited to:- Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4, 4x4 mini vans, 25 seater minibuses, Toyota Prado 4x4 and Toyota Rav 4 among others. Our vehicles are meticulously maintained, regularly serviced, clean, near brand new and always maintained in excellent mechanical condition.

Book your 4x4 Liberia rental online on carhireandholidays.com using our flexible, fast and hassle free booking process and offered at the best and most competitive rental rates. All our vehicles are offered on unlimited mileage basis, have comprehensive insurance coverage, exclusive of fuel and provided at the most economical rental rates.

Reserve a Toyota Land Cruiser, a 4wd, reliable, fuel economy vehicle with manual transmission, air conditioning, diesel engine and powerful steering that guarantees comfortable off road tours to amazing Liberia attractions such as the enchanting coastal town of Buchanan, famous for its reminiscent industrial buildings and idyllic iron ore mines. Also check out the panoramic and spectacular structural views offered by the mining town of Nimba renowned for its breathtaking ancient buildings and museum showing artefacts of the early mines.

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In the comfort of your Land cruiser offered at the most budget friendly and competitive rental quotes, also visit the stunning Guest House Hill at Yekepa situated North of Liberia, catch a glimpse of the exquisite Executive Mansion which acts as a home to the president and venue for corporate government meetings. You may also enjoy rewarding views of the Paynesville Omega Transmitter, one of the tallest buildings in Liberia, situated East of Monrovia.

Other Liberia Attractions worth checking out include:-

Zwedru one of the largest towns in Liberia located in Grand Geden County and is a must visit destination for nature lovers .It’s endowed with different species of tropical rain forests and plenty of wildlife. Other towns you might want to visit include: - Harper- one of the top tourist destinations in Liberia blessed with idyllic, amazing beaches and breathtaking, spectacular historical attractions. Popular Liberia beaches offering exciting and exhilarating boating, swimming and scuba diving opportunities  include:-Caesar’s Beach, Cedar Beach, Kendaje Beach, Kanema Beach, Sugar Beach and Bernard’s Beach.

Sapo National Park. This is Liberia’s largest, protected best nature reserve and its only National Park. It covers an area of about 1308km2 and is blessed with amazing animal species including the Great Blue Turaco, Kingfishers, White Necked Rock fowl, African Civet, Crocodiles, Giant Hog and Leopards.

Lake Piso. This picturesque and magnificent lake is the largest Lake in Liberia and is situated on a tidal lagoon in Grand Cape County and is only 80km from Monrovia. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Liberia and is highly credited for its exciting fishing opportunities.

Liberia National Museum. Located in the heart of Liberia, this magnificent museum features exquisite collections and galleries of historical objects, Liberian Executives private documents, archaeological artefacts and breathtaking exhibitions and art pieces.

Do not also leave out:- the rich and spectacular Africa Mica, renowned for its amazing Costa Rican traditional wildlife and its flourishing outer and inner savannah  home to the new arrivals and old inhabitants respectively. Also enjoy the rewarding and magnificent views offered by the spectacular Kpa- Tawe Waterfalls, spot the breathtaking Masonic Temple, the majestic Antoinette Tubman Stadium- one of the largest stadiums in Africa with about 40,000 seats, shop at the impressive Waterside Market and buy fascinating traditional Liberian artefacts at Kendeja National Cultural Centre.

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Last but not least, tour Monrovia, the financial, political, cultural and capital city of Liberia, blessed with beautiful, stunning beaches near the city, has plenty of exquisite restaurants, interesting bars and plenty of night clubs. Also check out one of Liberia’s most treasured historical attractions, the Firestone Plantation producing huge totals of rubber making Liberia the country with the world’s largest single rubber producing company. The plantation has about 8 million rubber trees and it’s found 33km from Monrovia.

Book and reserve all your Liberia 4x4 rentals online on carhireandholidays.com offered at the best car hire deals and at the most unbeatable and competitive rental rates and quotes on the market. Whether  you opt for :- one way Liberia rental deals, with driver Monrovia rentals, city car hire, 4x4 up country rentals, cross border car hire to Cote Divoire, short term car hire, Long term 4x4 rentals, low cost Airport transfers at Spriggs Payne Airport in Monrovia and at Roberts International Airport. We have your Liberia rental needs and requirements covered.

Liberia 4x4 car hire, rent a car in Monrovia, cheap Airport transfers Spriggs Payne Airport, low cost 4x4 rentals Gbarnga Liberia, Monrovia 4x4 with driver car hire, Liberia car hire.

For a memorable 4x4 rental experience in Liberia, book our 4x4 with driver rentals offered at the cheapest, most budget friendly and competitive car hire rates in Liberia. Call or email us now on +256.782.014.207 OR +256.392.897.704 OR +447.790.863.9450, Email: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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