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Zimbabwe a landlocked country named after Great Zimbabwe derives its name from the esteemed great stone houses built in the 15th century of the Shona dynasty and it’s bordered by Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia is found in Central Southern Africa but it’s more associated with Southern Africa. Zimbabwe is situated on approximately 390,580 sq.kms and 150,804 square miles and it’s also bordered by the Limpopo River to the South and Zambezi River to the North and is slightly larger than Montana State.

Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe and it’s situated in Mashonaland- an area mainly inhabited by the shone and covers almost 2/3 of the country’s area. The remaining 1/3 is known as Matabeleland is situated West of the country and it’s inhabited by the Ndebele speaking people inhabit the area. Zimbabwe has an approximated population of over 12million people with 30% residing in the urban areas more so in the major cities of Bulawayo and Harare and 70% residing in rural areas.

 The Batonga constituting 1% of the population inhabits the Zambezi valley while the Shona make up 76% of the population and it’s the largest ethnic group with tribes such as Zezuru, Rozwi, Ndau, Karanga, Manyika and Korekore. Ndebele is the 2nd largest ethnic group and they make up 18% of the population and constitute of the Ndebele and the Kalanga tribes. The Venda are found on the South African border whereas the Shangaan occupy the low veld of the Limpopo. There are many religious affiliations in Zimbabwe comprising of Christians, Muslims, traditional among other denominations.


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 Botswana is blessed with 21 languages with 10 of them just developing, 6 of them are institutional, 2 are facing extinction and 3 are vigorous. Of these 16 of them are official and national languages in Zimbabwe.

English is the official language of Zimbabwe- commonly spoken in cities of Bulawayo and Harare and not so common in villages. English is an official language, along with other 15 National and official languages spoken by the Bantu Speaking tribes like the Ndebele who belong to the Nguni group and make up 18% of the population and usually speak with a clicking consonant and the Shona - 76% of the population speak Shona as their first language and students are expected to take on at least one of these languages during their education.

The other official languages apart from English, Shona and Ndebele include:-Chewa, Chibarwe, Sotho, Venda, Kalanga,  Tswana, Koisan, Nambya, Tonga, Ndau,  Xhosa, Shangani and Sign language. All the above mentioned official languages are accepted to be used in schools, administration, commercial transactions, and courts of law and in government though English is usually the official language used for business transactions and it’s the commonly taught language from 4th grade up wards and education is usually English oriented.

Other languages most of them immigrant include; - Gurajati, Hiechware, Afrikaans, Kalanga, Fanagolo, Nyanja, Tswa, Nsenga, Lozi, Manyika and Kunda among others.

Zimbabwean Currency.

The currency of Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwean Dollar, Currency symbol Z$, Currency code ZWD and was the official currency of Zimbabwe from 1980- 2009. The previous currency of the Rhodesian dollar was equal to half of a pound sterling.  The most popular Zimbabwe exchange rate is the Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD) to the United States Dollar (USD) rate.

Approximately: - 1ZWD= 0.00276 USD, 1USD=361.9 ZWD, 1ZWD=0.00171GBP, 1GBP= 586.315ZWD, 1 INR=5.93761ZWD, 1 EURO=4617.12 ZWD, 1PKR=3.52420 ZWD, 1AUD= 320.820 ZWD, 1 CAD= 325.816 ZWD, 1 ZAR= 32.8543 ZWD and 1 MYR= 111.550ZWD.

Frequently used banknotes include: - Z$1, Z$5, Z$10, Z$20, Z$50, Z$100, Z$500 among many other denominations with Z$100,000,000,000,000 being the highest. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is the central Bank and in 2009 it accepted use of foreign currencies such as the South African Rand, Euro, Yuan, Indian Rupee, and Australian Dollar, Dhliwayo, Japanese yen, Botswana Pula, United States Dollar and the Pound sterling, though the South African rand and US Dollar are accepted as the main legal tender. These currencies act as legal tender following the hyper inflation in Zimbabwe which led to issuing billion dollar notes. You can freely open a bank account in any of these currencies.

Most vendors, shops and stalls mark the foods, goods and other items in US dollars and this is common in the city of Harare with the rand common in Bulawayo which is situated closer to the border of South Africa. Feel free to use your debit card, credit card, visa card and Master card  at most lodges, hotels and restaurants, diners and Amex but credit cards are more widely used in Victoria Falls. You also use your ATM card at most ATM machines located at most banks such as Barclays bank. You can exchange your dollars, Euros, pounds and other currencies at most foreign exchange bureaus located in the cities of Bulawayo and Harare among other cities.


What you require to enter Zimbabwe?

You can purchase a  uni-visa worth US$50 with a minimum validity of 30days granting you entry into both Zambia and Zimbabwe on a single visa. This visa can be got at the point of entry of either countries and it guarantees foreigners a 1 day tour into Botswana and might soon incorporate Botswana and Namibia.

 A valid passport with a maximum validity of 6months from the date of entry into Zimbabwe and should at least have 3 blank pages for necessary stamps.

 Nationals of the following countries do not require a visa to enter Zimbabwe and will be granted easy entry at the Zimbabwe border: - Uganda, Bahamas, Antiqua, Aruba, Belize, Botswana, Cyprus, Mauritius, Tanzania, Togo, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Namibia, Malawi, Cayman Islands, Ghana, Grenada, DRC Congo, Kribati, Jamaica, Russia, Lesotho, St.Lucia, Solomon Islands, St.Kitts, Hong Kong among others.

Nationals of the following countries are required to apply through an agency or the Zimbabwe High Commission found in your country to obtain a Zimbabwe visa before travelling to Zimbabwe:-Afghanistan, Bahrain, Niger, Nepal, Morocco, Nieu, Taiwan, Indies, Eritrea, Central Africa, Moldova, Jordan, Iraq, Cuba, India, Thailand, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Ukraine, Yemen Rep, Venezuela, Djibouti Rep, Algeria, Chad and Serbia among others.

Nationals of the following countries are granted a Zimbabwe visa at the port of entry or at the airport upon payment of the visa fees: Portugal, Argentina, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Slovak Vatican, United Kingdom, United States of America, Dominic Rep, Egypt, Belgium, Luxemburg, South Korea, Norway, Hungary, Canada, France, Japan, Israel, Italy and Sweden among others.

A single entry visa costs US$30, Double entry US$45, Multiple entry visa US$55, for the British  and Irish - a single entry visa costs US$55, Double entry US$70, for Canadians a single entry visa costs US$ 75.  If you decide to leave Zimbabwe even for an hour and you had already purchased a single entry visa, you will still need to buy another visa unless you purchased a double entry visa upon arrival.

United Kingdom nationals can use emergency Travel Documents as valid travel documents at the point of entry or exit in Zimbabwe and must be valid for the intended period of your visit in Zimbabwe.

Food and Beverages in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has rich, filling and exotic cuisines to suit all tastes and with savory dishes ranging from Italian, French, Indian, all European foods and Zimbabwean local foods restaurants. Popular Zimbabwe foods include: - Corn meal (Sadza) - Maize can be used to make thick porridge for breakfast, roasted corn, can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner and it can also be used to make an alcoholic beverage of “Maheu”. Sadza can be eaten with beans, meat (grilled, roasted, or stewed) along with vegetables such as Chomolla, collard greens, Spinach.

Other foods include:- Yams, peanuts, Bota, Pumpkins, Biltong, Mapopo (papaya), Beef game of Kudo (large antelope), African gazelle of Springbok and also warthog meat, Kapenta (dried fish), roasted butternut squash, sandwiches, gem squash, corn meal cake, Bowara- fresh pumpkin  leaves mixed in peanut butter stew, boiled or roasted groundnuts, Rape greens and beef stew served with mashed potatoes, Dovi ( chicken and peanut butter stew), Avocados, Mapopo (Papaya candy),  Mopane worms of flying ants and spiny caterpillars. Rice and chicken can be enjoyed on special occasions. Snacks include: - potato chips, dried fruit, roasted maize, samosas, popcorns.

Beverages include; - Boerewors or sour milk usually enjoyed with Maize, Beer made from millet or sorghum, Maheu made from maize are all popular local alcoholic drinks usually prepared and sold by women in bars, soft drinks of all kinds and spirits and wines mainly imported from South Africa.


There are a variety of airports in Zimbabwe ranging from International Airport, Domestic Airports, regularly scheduled airports, and unscheduled airports, small, medium and large Airports. The primary International Airports include: - Harare International Airport- the main international airport situated in the capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare, Bulawayo International Airport and Victoria Falls. Other international Airports include; - Buffalo Range Airport, Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Airport, Kariba Airport.

Domestic Airports include:- Hwange National Park Airport, Grand Reef Airport, Masvingo Airport, Mutare Airport Chipinge Airport, Mahenye Airport, Bumi Hills Airport, Thorn hill Airport and Charles Prince.

 Small Airports also include:-Gokwe Airport, Beit Bridge Airport, Mount Darwin Airport, Mutare Airport, Binga Airport, Binga Airport, Aberdeen Airport, Baraebourne Airport, Bumi Airport, Hippo Valley Airport, Dawsons Airport, Deka Airport, Eduan Airport, Dudley Airport, Tonje Airport, Wedza Airport, Zaka Airport and Zisco Airport.

Habari Africa Limited is a 4x4 rental company that can be trusted to handle all your Airport car rental requirements.  We can provide you with 4x4 self drive rentals to and from most airports in Zimbabwe. Simply contact us for your perfect 4x 4 Airport car rentals in Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe has quite plenty of airlines international and domestic airlines offering domestic and international flights to a variety of domestic and international destinations. Popular flight routes from Harare International Airport include; - Lusaka International Airport, Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, Bole International Airport, Tambo International Airport and Johannesburg South Africa. Other destinations include United States of America, United Kingdom, George, Mumbai, Paris, Thailand, German, Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Cairo, Nairobi, Dar-es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Entebbe, Vienna, Seoul, Kigali, Malawi, China and Addis Ababa among others.

International and domestic airlines offering scheduled and unscheduled flights to Zimbabwe include:- British Airways, China Eastern Airline, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Zimbabwean Airline, Aerofloat Airlines, LAM ( Linhas Aereas Mozambique), Ethiopian Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Air France, Emirates, American Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Lufthansa German Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air Zimbabwe, Air Malawi, Thai Airways Zambia Skyways, South African Airways and TAAG- Angola Airlines.


Zimbabwe is blessed with pleasant weather that guarantees all year round travel and you can visit Zimbabwe any time of the year. Zimbabwe has temperate climate i.e. it’s never too hot nor too cold so come to Zimbabwe and experience the best of winter and summer for your ardent Zimbabwe safari holiday.

Summer which is characterized by high rain down pour and high temperatures of around mid 20 degrees- 30degrees. Summer is a wet season that usually runs from November to March offering lush and greener landscapes and spectacular scenery and it’s a great time for migrant bird viewing and to see new born animals such as antelopes as animals disperse and drop their young ones. You can enjoy white water rafting in November to December at the Zambezi River. This is a low season and it runs from November to April, most lodges are closed and low discounted car rental rates are charged. The worst weather often in December- February are the wettest months.

Winter is usually characterized by low temperatures not usually  exceeding 20 degrees but they its very cold at night as temperatures tend to drop to below freezing point so your advised to carry warm clothing for open game viewing morning drives and walks so as to avoid freezing to death. Winter is actually the best time to explore Zimbabwe as there is usually little or no rains at all. The best time to visit is during the winter months of April- May and August- September. Enjoy white water rafting at the Zambezi River in the months of august-December.

May – October is the best time for game viewing in most National Parks such as Mana Pools National Park and Hwange National Park as animals tend to congregate around the few available water sources such as artificially pumped water holes and river banks making easy to spot large herds of elephants. Victoria Falls is at its peak after the summer rains so you can enjoy watching the spectacular and amazing flowing of water in the months of April and May. Between June-September water levels are mid- low so it’s easy to view the spectacular falls so you feel free to visit Zimbabwe from May through to September. The high season in Zimbabwe usually runs from July- October, May-September is the best time to visit the Parks in Zimbabwe.


The following are some of the natural beauties and manmade attractions offered in Zimbabwe a diverse country in terms of culture, architecture and landscapes that keep the ardent adventurer interested and make a first time traveler yearn for more.

Impressive and spectacular Victoria Falls. This is a destination that should be on everyone’s to visit list with the largest waterfall in the world. Here you can enjoy exhilarating and overwhelming activities such as bungee jumping, kayaking, canoeing, white water rafting, spectacular viewing of water sprawling over an area of 2.5 kilometers can also be enjoyed from the Zambia side. National parks include: - Matopos National Park with beautiful san rock paintings found in Matopos hills located in the Southern part of the country,  explore the fascinating wilderness of Matusadona National Park that is home to large herds of  elephants, buffalos and lions and  endangered Black Rhino, Hwange National Park- known for being the oldest and largest National park in Africa with over 400 bird species and its renowned for its large concentration of elephants, Mana Pools National Park composed of 4 major pools and multiple smaller ones spread along River Zambezi attracting animals of crocodiles and hippos to take a dip or drink.

Explore Zimbabwe, From the sparkling gorges and granite peaks and beautiful scenery of the Eastern Highlands, Past the Great Zimbabwe Monument and scattered archaeological ruins of Zimbabwe, through Zambezi River with opportunities  such as kayaking canoeing and white water rafting in the upper and lower Zambezi River, to picturesque, idyllic and panoramic resorts at Lake Kariba with exciting activities such as water skiing, sailing, sun bathing, fishing for tiger fish and finally check out the largest Zimbabwe cities of Harare- a cosmopolitan, vibrant and commercial capital of Zimbabwe with beautiful gardens, final art displays at the National art gallery, miniatures of the Zambezi gorge and Victoria falls and Bulawayo- the 2nd largest Zimbabwe city with spectacular spring flower views.

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There are plenty of camping grounds spread in various National Parks, game reserves, public campsites, private campsites, special campsites, fishing camps, camping resorts, hotels and lodges with private and public ablution camping facilities and amenities such as hot water, lawned camping grounds, sink and table, braai area , flushing toilets, and kitchen slabs among others. Popular exciting and engaging  activities enjoyed at most of these caravans and camping grounds include:-Fishing, swimming, site seeing, hunting, bird watching, photography, guided walks, game viewing, wilderness trails, hiking, boating and canoeing among others.

Camping grounds and caravans in Zimbabwe include those found at Kariba Nyanyana, Honde Valley, Nyanga, Mutare, Victoria Falls National Park, Binga rest camp located near Binga hot springs, Mana pools National Park, Zambezi National Park,Chizarrira National Park, Marongora, Chinhoyi caves National Park campsite, Lomagundi Lakeside, Mopani Bay campsite, Moth Holiday Resort, Kapula Private camp, Big Cave camp, Chilila cottages and campsite, Nyati Eco Game Park, Sijarira Fishing camp situated 20km East of Binga on the southern shores of Lake Kariba, Warthogs Pub and Bush camp, Chewore Lodge and campsite located at where Cherowe meets River Zambezi and Falcons lodge and campsite offering excellent panoramic sights of Zambezi River among others. 

Habari Africa can provide you with plenty of 4x4 camping vehicle options either self drive or with chauffeur car rental, fully equipped or unequipped 4x4 campers. Our 4x4 camping fleet includes:- :- 4X4 Toyota Hilux Bush camper, a 2 Berth Camper, Toyota Land Cruiser Bush Camper, Toyota Land cruiser pop Top and Ford Ranger Luxury Camper 4X4 offered on unlimited mileage basis and full insurance cover and at the most competitive car hire available on the market.

We can also provide you with camping equipment at a fee of US$40 per day for 2 people. The camping equipment includes the following:- mattresses and beddings, safari dome tents, rooftop tents, kitchen box, refrigerator, cooler box, cutlery and crockery, camping light, camp chairs and table, spot light, barbeque kit, water containers, storage crate, spade and axe.


Habari has been providing self drive 4x4 car rental in Zimbabwe since 2007 and we have managed to maintain an unblemished record and are known to have repeat clients including NGOs, private and government organizations and individual self drive or with driver car rental to all Zimbabwe destinations. When you choose a self drive safari in Zimbabwe, you’re not only in for an extra-ordinary and exhilarating holiday but you’re also definitely guaranteed an unforgettable life time experience that will make Zimbabwe your favorite holiday spot. Explore the best of Zimbabwe in a fully equipped/unequipped 4x4wd self drive rental granting you the flexibility and freedom to experience an economical and ultimate safari into some of the most amazing wilderness attractions and off beaten track destinations in Zimbabwe.

Explore Zimbabwe in the comfort of a self drive 4x4 rental or you can let go and relax and let someone take on all the planning for you as our professional staff can help design a tailor made itinerary for your self -sustaining, comfortable and exciting Zimbabwe safari holiday.

Habari Africa car rental operates a large fleet of 4x4 rental cars for self drive or with chauffer car hire. We also offer 4x4 safari campers’ fully equipped/unequipped, ideal for your off the terrain adventure to some of the remotess undiscovered gems found in destinations that can only be accessed in the comfort of your self sufficient 4x4 enabling you to quench your insatisfiable thirst for adventure. Our 4x4 rental vehicles include:- Toyota Hilux 4x4, Toyota Fortuner 4x4, 4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover Defender 4x4, Land Rover Discovery 4x4, Toyota Hilux Bush Camper, Ford Ranger Luxury Camper, Toyota Land Cruiser Bush camper, Toyota Land Cruiser Pop Top, Nissan Single and Double Cabs. Our vehicles are equipped with everything you’ll need for your self- drive safari from long range fuel tanks, vehicle documents and Engel fridge to roller draws, tyre pumps and satellite phones. We offer you complete introduction to the vehicle and equipment, comprehensive insurance cover, self drive cross border car rental to all Southern African countries of South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, and Botswana and our vehicles are offered on unlimited mileage basis.


                    4x4 budget car hire rates in Zimbabwe.

 Our 4x4 wheeled drive car rental locations in Zimbabwe.

We offer plenty of car rental locations in Zimbabwe and these include but are not limited to;- Harare, Victoria Falls, Harare International Airport, Bulawayo, Bulawayo International Airport, Hwange National Park Airport, Victoria Falls International Airport, Kariba, Bulawayo Down town, Harare Down Town, Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport among others.

Vehicle pick up and drop off in Zimbabwe would be in the major cities of Bulawayo and Harare. But all you have to do is tell us where you’re and we will deliver to you your car rental in time so as you go about your holiday as you had planned without any inconveniences.

Cross border 4x4 car rentals in Southern Africa.

Feel free to book a combined 4x4 self drive safari to all southern Africa countries. You can seamlessly travel from one Southern African country to another. Habari has been providing 4x4 car rental safaris in Southern Africa since 2007 in countries such as Malawi, Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. We can design a combined safari itinerary to all Southern Africa countries. You can combine a safari to Chobe and Victoria Falls for the idyllic and spectacular game viewing experience. All you need to do is inform us when you’re booking with us. You can effortlessly travel from one Southern Africa city to another for example from Windhoek(Namibia) to Maputo in Mozambique- Lusaka in Zambia- Gaborone in Botswana- Cape Town in South Africa and then finally to Harare in Zimbabwe. We offer discounted and affordable cross border rates and be assured of 24/7 back up support wherever you’re in Southern Africa.

Driving tips in Zimbabwe.

Book a 4x4 wheeled car rental if you plan on exploring the wilderness and off the beaten destinations in Zimbabwe. If you’re set on exploring remote areas such as Mana Pools National Park then you should definitely rent a 4x4 wheeled drive car for the most comfortable and safe travels.

Driving is always done on the left hand side of the road and beware of multiple speed traps for your own safety and to avoid accidents. Drive at a reduce speed limit on bumpy gravel roads and if you plan on travelling difficult terrain roads then your advised to do a 2hr check out.

Ensure that you have enough fuel in the tank and always carry enough water and snacks more so if you’re travelling long distances.

Wear your seat belt at all times and always watch out for animals and children crossing the road. Drive with your lights on at night at all times so that you can clearly see what’s ahead of you.

Always travel with a basic first aid kit in your car and beware of fines- over speeding fines are severe. Keep your valuables out of sight so as not to attract thieves.

You’re advised to rent a car with Driver when exploring Zimbabwe rather than self drive.

Always ensure that you have the right driver’s license and if you’re a foreign driver ensure that you have an international driving license.

Discover Zimbabwe a country known for its game parks that offer plenty of exciting and overwhelming opportunities and also has the spectacular Victoria Falls one of the top destinations in Africa. Come explore the untouched wilderness areas in Zimbabwe in the vicinity of your 4x4 car rental offered by Habari Africa and you will indeed discover the gems that make Zimbabwe a popular safari destination.

Simply contact us for your most competitive car hire quote to the land of beautiful gems that guarantees an extra-ordinary safari at  +256.782.014.207   OR    +256.392.897.704 OR +44790.863.9450 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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