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Tanzania a country that is home to Mt. Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa , also renowned for its breathtaking white coral sands, azure spectacular blue waves and idyllic and beautiful Indian Ocean views of coastal Zanzibar, was founded in 1964 from two separate nation states. If you need a break away from the noise, the buzzing city life, fly over to the Zanzibar or to Pemba coastal beaches and islands and relax, soak up in the sun, forget your worries  for a second and enjoy the soft white sands and shallow waters found on these beautiful beaches restoring your sanity and reliving you of stress.

Tanzania is believed to be one of the oldest human settlements evidenced by the hominid remains found in the region with modern migrations believed to have been from the rift valley of East Africa. The earliest inhabitants to settle in the region were hunter gatherers who include pastoralists such as the Maasai and the Khoisan. The Bantu speaking people migrated from the North and West and inhabited Tanzania and this was around the first millennium and mainly settled at the mainland whereas the Arab traders and Persians settled in Zanzibar and Pemba.

Tanzania has over 120 different ethnic tribes with over 126 tribes each speaking its own language hence a multilingual country with 95% of the population comprising of Bantu speaking people. Other groups comprise of the Nilotics and nomadic tribes of the Luo and Masai who are mainly found in Kenya. Other tribes include the Chagga, Haya.Nyamwezi, Gogo and Sukuma. The Swahilis are mix blooded people found in coastal areas of Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba and are mainly as a result of intermarriages between Africans and Asians, Arabs and Europeans.



Tanzania is located south of the equator and comprises of mainland areas mainly inhabited by Christians and Bantu speaking tribes and lies between the great lakes region of L.Victoria, L.Malawi and Lake Tanganyika and the idyllic Indian Ocean. Tanzania is also made up of the coastal islands of Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba with 2/3 of Zanzibar Island covered by bushy grassy plains and lowlands with mainland areas separated from the Zanzibar Island by a channel of approximately 22 miles.

Tanzania covers a total area of approximately 945,090 square kilometers. Tanzania is slightly larger than twice the size of California, has an area thrice that of New Mexico, bordered by Uganda and Kenya in the North, Burundi, Rwanda and Congo in the West and in the south Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi. Tanzania is blessed with the three great lakes of Lake Victoria, Malawi and Tanganyika.

Tanzania has a population of about 40 million people with mainland Tanzania comprising of 35% Muslims, 35% traditional beliefs and 30% Christians and 97% of the population in coastal Zanzibar is of Islamic faith and commonly speak Arabic.

Most of the area in Tanzania is covered by the plateau with the Kipengere mountain ranges in the South West and Pare mountain range in the North East offering great hiking and climbing opportunities and breathtaking views with its spectacular lowlands and hills offering excellent and idyllic scenery and overwhelming landscapes.

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Swahili is the primary and official language of Tanzania, with English as its second official language. Swahili is the most commonly spoken language in Tanzania usually used in primary and adult education as a medium of instruction.  English is mainly used in secondary education and higher learning education in universities and other educational institutions and is also used in commercial transactions and higher courts of law.

Tanzania is a heterogeneous and multilingual country with over 129 languages most of them spoken by Bantu and Nilotic populations, with the Hadza and Sanda speaking with a clicking sound whereas the Cushitic, Arabs, Hindustan and the British residing in this country all speaking their own languages.

Major languages spoken in Tanzania apart from Swahili and English include: - Bantu, Bemba, Turu, Datooga, Kisankasa, Ogiek, Digo, Gogo, Hehe, Ngasa, Masaai, Yao, Nyika, Halic, Khoisan, Sandawe, Cushitic, Gurajati, Hindustani, and Germanic. Other languages include Aasax, Alagwa, Kabwa, Kagulu, Kahe, Langi, Makonde, Nyamwezi, Mochi, Nindi, Ngindo, Ndamba, Haya, Ha, Gweno, Bende, Asu and Aramanik among others. Arabic is widely spoken in the coastal areas of Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba. Common used Swahili greetings include: - “Laowe” a good morning greeting, “Masere”- an afternoon greeting and the reply to Masere is “Maserade”, “Nogage” means how are you? - The reply to this is Ongo. It doesn’t and will never hurt to learn a few new words in Swahili- it’s actually more fun.

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The official and national currency of Tanzania is the Tanzanian Shilling denoted by TZS.The early predominant currencies used in Tanzania included the East African Florin, East African rupee, Zanzibar rupee, Zanzibar riyal and German East African rupee with the Tanzanian shilling replacing the East African shilling and is now the valid and national currency of Tanzania.

The central bank of Tanzania is responsible for managing and issuing of the Tanzanian Shilling. Frequently used coins include:- 1,5,10,20,50,100,200TZshs, Frequently used bank notes include:-500,1000,2000,5000 and 10000shilingi and the currency is usually divided into 100senti(cents). You will need to change your money to TZS upon touching base in Tanzania and this shouldn’t be a problem for you. Simply carry your dollars, pounds, Euros and you will definitely get favorable exchange rates at most foreign exchange bureaus widely spread throughout the country. You can pay at major hotels and restaurants using dollars or pounds or Euros.

 The most popular Tanzanian exchange rate is the British pound (GBP) to Tanzanian shilling (TZS) rate. Approximately 1GBP=2728.15TZshs, 1USD= 1670.50TZshs, 1Euro=2146.05TZshs, 1AUD=1480.14TZshs, 1CAD=1517.66TZshs, 1AED=454.814TZshs.

You may equally exchange your dollars and pounds at most banks such as Standard Chartered bank, Barclays bank and NBC and the airport has foreign exchange bureaus though you’re likely to get  substantially very poor exchange rates for your dollars and pounds at most banks, hotels and airport foreign exchange bureaus. The best thing you can do is exchange your money at foreign exchange bureaus found in most towns and cities and most populated areas.

Feel free to use you ATM card  at the different ATM machines found at most banks with 24/7 access and offer the same exchange rate as banks though ATM machines may sometimes break down. Visa cards, credit and debit cards can also be used though they may attract an additional charge for withdrawing using your card. 5OUS$ and 100US$ bills usually attract the best exchange rates into TZS while 10 and20US$ bills  attract a somehow poor exchange rate, 1 and2US$ bills are only accepted at very poor exchange rates and are advised to mostly be used for tipping in hotels, restaurants, drivers and tourist guides.

Travelers’ cheques are not usually accepted and if at all allowed they are exchanged at very poor exchange rates and often attract a surcharge of 10-15% in addition to the usual currency exchange fee. The exchange rate for dollars is usually better than that of other currencies. Using debit and credit cards may require one to have purchased identity theft insurance, debit cards with a visa logo and master cards are the mostly accepted form of card payment.


What you require and need to enter Tanzania.

The following are some of the requirements that must be met for one to be granted entry into Tanzania either for a visit, work, tour, and trip or for a business meeting.

A valid passport for a maximum period of 6months starting from the date of entry into Tanzania. Also U.K travel documents with a 6months minimum validity can also be used for air side transit, entry and exit from Tanzania.

Nationals of the following countries must obtain  visas before being granted entry into Tanzania:- Albania, Britain, Canada, USA, Australia, other EU, Gabon, Germany, Finland, France, China, DRC, Chile, Austria, Argentina, Burundi, Brazil, Belgium and Hungary among others.

Nationals of the following countries do not require a visa for stay not exceeding 3 months. These include:- Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, British Indian, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Barbados, Bermudu, Bahamas, Hongkong, British virgin Island, Cyprus, Romania Malaysia, Swaziland, Guyana, Jamaica and Singapore among others.

You can obtain a single entry tourist visa at a fee of 40GBP or US$50 and transit visas (valid for 2 days) on arrival at the border or point of entry into Tanzania or in advance from Tanzanian embassies found in your country. It’s important to note that multiple entry  business visas attracting a fee of 80 pounds (6months) or 100pounds(12months)  can’t be issued at the point of entry into the country and you’re required to obtain these in advance from Tanzania embassies in your country.

A single entry visa is valid for 3months from the issuance date and it guarantees one re-entry into Tanzania provided you’re coming from Kenya, Uganda, Burundi or Rwanda.

Though the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba are still part of Tanzania, they have their own immigration procedures and administration and you will definitely be asked to present your passport on entry and exit.

A return ticket is required and  shows proof of sufficient funds and other things that show sufficient funds include presentation of  a debit or credit card, tour itinerary and if you plan on extending your stay it can only be for 3 more months-6months granted by the immigration office in Dar es Salaam.

 If you intend to volunteer or work in Tanzania you’ll require a valid work permit, ensure that one is arranged for you before you travel. Avoid overstaying the validity of your visa or permit so as not to risk being arrested, fined or detained.


Tanzania has over 28 domestic and international airports offering commercial airline services with all airports operated by the Tanzania Airport Authority, Zanzibar Airport Authority manages Zanzibar airports, Kilimanjaro International Airport-a very important airport that offers at least 133 domestic flights and 154 international flights managed and operated by Kilimanjaro Airport Development Company. The major primary and busiest airport is Julius Nyerere International Airport located in Dar es Salaam- offers at least 273 domestic flights and 420 international flights to 26 cities. International airports include: - Mwanza Airport, Julius Nyerere International Airport, Zanzibar Airport, Kilimanjaro Airport, Songwe Airport, domestic airports include: - Musoma Airport,  Shinyanga Airport, Dodoma Airport, Sumbawanga Airport, Mbeya Airport,Mbeya Airport, Tanga Airport, Bukoba Airport, Indi Airport, Songea Airport, regional Airports include:- Lake Manyara Airport, Arusha Airport, Tabora Airport, Mtwara Airport, Kigoma Airport and Mafia Airport among others. Other airports include;-Kilwa Airport, Kisauni Airport- offering 15 cities with nonstop flights with 182 domestic and 133 international flights, Wawi Airport and Masasi Airport among others. Airstrips such as Rubondo Airstrip, Loliondo Airstrip, Songo songo Airstrip, Mtemere Airstrip, Same Airstrip, Seronera Airstrip, Msembe Airstrip, Kikoboga Airstrip, Mombo Airstrip and Same Airstrip among others that offer flights from one Tanzanian region to another. There are proposed Airport for example Serengeti International Airport, Msalato International Airport and Kajunguti International Airport and these are under construction.

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Flights to Tanzania.

The most popular flight destinations include:-Chicago, Denver, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Newark all these flights are from US Airports with Kilimanjaro being the final destination. There are a variety of airlines offering direct and indirect flights, domestic and international flights to most destinations. these airlines include :-Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, Qatar Airways, Condor Flugdienst, Meridiana, BMI, Scandinavian Airlines and Precision Air services. Popular flight destinations from the United Kingdom to Tanzania include: - London, Aberdeen, Bristol, Belfast, Glasgow, Birmingham, New Castle, Edinburg, Dublin, Leeds and Manchester.

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The different ethnic groups and tribes in Tanzania with different lifestyles, customs, and ways of living also influence Tanzanian traditional foods.  Popular foods such as sorghum, Ugali either made into a thick porridge for breakfast or prepared for a filling lunch meal accompanied by vegetables and beans as sauce, Plantain, cassava, Nyama Choma’s roasted goat and beef meat excellently spiced with hot pepper, salt and kachumbari (comprising of Onions and tomatoes) with watering aromas and savory tastes can also be enjoyed. Also chicken, duckling meat, pork stew or fried can also be enjoyed. Chicken broth, buttermilk, coconut milk, peas and groundnuts, matooke, braised cabbages, leafy greens, sweet potatoes. Snacks such as peanuts, hard candy, roasted maize, samosas, fried plantain, mandazi (doughnut), chapatti(flat fried bread), vitumbua (sweet fried bread), pilau( fried rice) an Indian dish, meat kebabs can all be enjoyed.

Fresh fruits comprising of mangoes, oranges, pineapples, paw paws (Papaya), sugarcanes can also be enjoyed. Rice and green vegetables or fish, meat is a common staple food for people at the coast of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia. The pare tribe found in the Kilimanjaro area enjoy maize cooked with beans or meat.  Drinks made from bananas, plantains, sugarcane, honey, palm juice, bamboo juice, orange, and sugarcane and pineapple juices. Local beers and spirits that include   Konyagi a strong spirit and tasty gin, safari lager, coffee grown in Kilimanjaro highlands served in porcelain cups and also chai usually spiced with cinnamon and on the coast of Zanzibar it’s served in small glasses. In Zanzibar alcohol and spirits can only be found on beach resorts and hotels but it’s not available in bars and local restaurants as most of the population on these islands is mainly Muslim.

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The following are some of the destinations and attraction that you should be on your itinerary for your memorable and extra ordinary Tanzanian safari:-

The Northern circuit Parks include: - Serengeti National Park-one of the big game safari destinations famous for its spectacular annual migrations of millions and millions of wildebeest with Zebras and gnus close behind and this usually happens when the grass and water becomes exhausted and the animals move in huge masses to Maasai Mara in Kenya around August. The best time to enjoy this spectacular view is in May or early June and also between October and July but the park offers excellent game viewing opportunities all year round. The park is also home to large herds of antelopes, cheetah, lions, bat eared fox, jackal, leopards, hunting dog and also offers prolific bird watching views of over 500 species. Another Northern Park is Katavi National Park- a seasonal park with enormous flood plains and majorly shines during the dry season  and also Mahale National Park offering gauntly water side spectaculars of animals tanking a drink or dip in the water and great chimpanzee trekking opportunities. The best time to come visit these parks is during the dry season of June to October.

The Southern Circuit Parks include: - Selous Game Reserve with greater numbers of savanna animals is under strict regulations by the Tanzania Wildlife Division and the easiest way to arrive at this park is by aircraft. You can enjoy walking and boating safaris but no people are allowed to permanent stay in this park. Ruaha National Park is the largest National Park in Tanzania named “ruvara” meaning  river and it offers up-close views of teeming herds of lions, wild dogs, giraffes, zebras, impalas and bat eared fox. These two parks are ideal for big game safari enthusiasts and those keen on enjoying great bird life views and also offer Privacy. The best time to visit them is during the dry season of mid June through to the end of October.

Other parks include: - Tarangire National Park- a paradise for bird watchers offering over 55o bird species including buzzards, vultures, herons, kites, storks, falcons, and eagles and is known for its baobab trees that cover the grassy landscape, huge elephant numbers, huge termite mounds and tree climbing lions. The best time to visit is from July- September when animals concentrate around the few available water sources. Lake Manyara National Park offers prolific bird life viewing with more than 300 different bird species of migratory birds such as flamingoes and the best time to view this is during the wet season of March and April and November to Mid December. This park is also known for the huge concentration of baboons in the world, and also comprises of a forest, woodland swamps and grasslands. The  best time to view the wildlife is during the dry season of mid June through to the end of October.

Off the mainland and in the vicinity of coastal areas of Tanzania, checkout Zanzibar a semi autonomous spice island with more humid temperatures cooled down by the blowing wind; enjoy the white pristine and pearly coral beach sands and paradise ocean side views offered by the Indian Ocean. Enjoy the white washed coral buildings that have now been turned into museums of the Stone Town- a major destination on Zanzibar Island.  Also explore Pemba Island – offering the best scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities in the Indian Ocean majorly done in the city of Chake chake and you can equally enjoy under water marine life. Also enjoy mountain biking drawn to 1000metre peaks and you can also spot traditional bull fights common in December- February. Don’t leave coastal Tanzania without visiting Mafia Island one of the Spice Islands, smaller than Pemba also ideal for scuba diving, game fishing, relax on the white sand beaches, wildlife drives, canoeing majorly done when water levels are high. The best months for diving are October- March, best weather on Mafia Island is May- October whereas March-April are months of heavy rains. You can equally enjoy excursions, fishing trips on Lake Victoria or enjoy a romantic vacation on Mnemba Island.

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Tanzania is endowed with several campsites spread around most parts of the country majorly in or near most major towns and also in most Game Reserves and National Parks. Game and National parks comprise of public and special campsites and these campsites close to National parks are usually more expensive and double the price for those situated far away from National Parks.  Enjoy camping in Sweet waters Serena Camp, Arusha National Park with campsites such as Ngongongare and Nasula special campsites owned by Tanapa, Gombe Stream National Park with tented camps of Kasekela and Mitumba owned by Chimpanzee safaris, Katavi  National Park with camps such as Chada camp, Flycatchers seasonal camp and Katavi wildlife camp, Kilimanjaro National Park with over 21 camp sites, Mahale Mountains National Park with  5 self contained tourist Bandas  ideal for students and budget travelers and also tented camps, 3 luxury , Nomad Safaris Luxury tented camp and Flycatcher  safari camp, Mikumi National park has camps such as Vuma Hills Tented camp, foxes tented camp, Mikumi wildlife camp and finally Serengeti Safari camp among others.

It’s important to note that Camping is not allowed in Zanzibar. Other camps include: - Kudu Lodge and campsite, Lake Shore lodge and campsite, Base Camp Tanzania, Chawaba camping village, Tarosero safari camps, Hondo Hondo Udzungwa Forest Tented camp, Blue Canoe Safari camp and Sakina campsite situated along Uhuru Highway.

Habari Africa would be pleased to offer you a fully equipped or unequipped 4x4 camping safari vehicle and we can provide you with camping equipment at a fee of US$20 per day for 2 pax. Roof top tents attract an additional US$10 per day.

Full camping gear for 2 adults comprises of:-1 tent, 1 table, 2 chairs and 2 mattresses, plus portable cooler box.


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 Habari is renowned for offering efficient and self sufficient 4x4 self drive rentals in Tanzania since 2007 and we offer the most capable safari vehicles, off road terrain 4x4 vehicles fully equipped/unequipped and self contained campers at budget and affordable rates that guarantee value for your money.

Our specialized, proficient and efficient services include the following:-

 Ø  Self Drive Safaris- these ascertain ease of movement and flexibility both in your itinerary and guarantees more than one stop over and travel at your own desired pace. Self drive 4x4 rentals are cheap and give you more freedom to explore all Tanzanian destinations without worrying about whether you will be able to find a bus or taxi late in the night. With 4x4 self drive rentals you can easily explore the remotes and untouched parts of Tanzania such as Mafia Island and Katavi National Park.

 Ø  Airport transfers. We can provide you with one of our self drive 4x4 cars from any airport of your choice from the list mentioned earlier or our Professional English Speaking Driver can pick you at the airport and take you to your hotel or to your desired destination. We offer car rentals at the 5 biggest Airports of Dar-es-Salaam International Airport, Kilimanjaro International Airport, Kisauni Airport, Mwanza Airport, and Mtwara Airport and at others such as Arusha Airport, Mafia Airport, Bukoba Airport, Shinyanga Airport, Dodoma Airport, Masai Airport and Kilwa Airport among others.

 Ø  Cross Border Car Hire. You can seamlessly travel from one East African country to another say from Kenya- Uganda- Burundi- Rwanda- Tanzania. This can be made easier if you purchase an East African Visa that guarantees you travel to all East African Countries on just a single visa. You can travel to Uganda and Rwanda for the best gorilla trekking experience in Mgahinga Mountains National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park found in Uganda and in the Virunga Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.  Travel from Serengeti National Park to Masaai Mara National Park for the very best experience of annual migration of millions and millions of wildebeest who move to Masai Mara around August when the water dries up in Serengeti. All you have to do is tell us that you’ll be embarking on an East African Safari and we will organize cross border documents in advance to avoid border delays. We can deliver to you one of our  4x4 self drive car rental any where you choose be it in Kenya, Uganda and you can drop off your car rental anywhere you choose in East Africa e.g. pick up Dar es Salaam and drop it off  in Kampala(Uganda).


 Ø  Popular collection and location points in Tanzania. These include Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza, Kilwa, and Zanzibar Airport, Dar-es salaam International Airport, Arusha Airport, Bukoba, Musoma, Kilimanjaro, Lindi and Dodoma among others. Popular destinations in Tanzania include:- Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Conservation area Safaris, Lake Manyara National Park, Mt. Meru to mention but a few.

 Ø  A wide car rental fleet. We offer a variety of 4x4 vehicles, automatic and manual,4x4 cars with rooftop tents, 4x4 bush campers, 4x4 terrain and off terrain vehicles, 4x4 transportation trucks, 4x4 saloon cars, 4x4 SUV rental deals, cheap and budget 4x4 car hire deals, one way and two way rental deals, 4x4 sedan cars, super custom carriers, customized safari cars, mini buses , short term rental leases and long term car rental leases of over 1 year at discounted car hire rates. These vehicles include 4x4 land cruiser Hard top, Land Rover Discovery Tdi, Land Rover Defender 4x4, Toyota Land Cruiser Double cab, 4x4 Toyota Bush Camper, 4X4 Toyota Hilux  Camper, Toyota Noah, Toyota Rav 4, Escudo 4x4, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Carina, Honda CRV 4X4, 4X4 Nissan Terrano, Ford 4x4, Mazda 4x4, Nissan Navarra, Nissan Sunny and  Mitsubishi Pajero among others. Each of our self drive 4x4 safari vehicles is fitted with  -Good tyres -Two good spare tyres -Extra tanks for fuel and water -First Aid Kit -Spanners and spares for assistance in case of breakdown -HF Radio communication  -Fire Extinguisher -220V inverter for charging small electric appliances -Hi-Lift Jack -Triangle reflectors -Stereo -Lifted and heavy duty coil springs.  We offer these vehicles on unlimited mileage basis and provide comprehensive insurance cover for each one of them and rest assured we offer 24/7 roadside assistance.


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Driving and safety Tips in Tanzania.

 ü  Driving in Tanzania is done on the left hand side. Always drive at a minimum speed limit to avoid accidents and for your own personal safety and always be on the watch for children crossing roads and animals crossing in National Parks.

ü  Avoid driving at night and if at all you decide to drive at night take extra caution. Don’t walk alone in major cities and in empty alleys and dark places and also on empty beaches of Zanzibar and Pemba to avoid robberies and other criminal offences.

ü   Avoid carrying too much camera equipment especially in the major cities and carry enough cash but not too much and keep it locked in a safe place. Always keep your doors and windows locked at all times especially when driving in the major cities of Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Mwanza.

ü  Tanzania roads are somewhat bad with potholes, people, road blocks, and goats, school children who tend to get in the way of vehicles, with the rainy season making the roads muddy, slippery and wiping out most of the country’s roads. If you plan on embarking on country side and off terrain safaris then you’re advised to rent a 4x4 for more smooth and comfortable travel.

ü   If you’re planning to spend a long time in Tanzania you’re advised  to take the following shots and vaccinations:- rabies, yellow fever, Hepatitis A, Diphtheria, Typhoid and ensure that you take the right anti malarial medication  though we are happy to inform you that Ngorongoro Conservation Area is relatively malaria free.


ü   All foreign drivers are required to have International Driver License if you plan on having a self drive holiday in Tanzania.

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