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South Africa is believed to have been inhabited by early Homosapiens evidenced by the human fossils at Sterkfontein and the tools from about 75000 years ago in the middle of the Stone Age period and its one of the most important sites for early hominid together with Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya. The San Bushmen who were hunter gatherers and the Khoi Khoi who were pastoralists were the first modern people to inhabit South Africa and have inhabited the region for millions and millions of years. These two tribes mixed and intermarried leading to the formation of the Khoisan.  About 1050 years ago the Bantu speaking people also entered South Africa from the South and East and settled in present day KwaZulu- Natal Province around 500AD and most traditional Africans in South Africa are descendants of Bantu immigrations. The Bantu speaking groups lived in a modernized iron age and were usually concentrated in organized and peaceful villages. The Nguni group which includes the Zulu, Ndebele, Swazi and Xhosa settled along the Coast and are known to have adopted the click consonant from the early inhabitants of the Khoisan whereas the Sotho Swan people of Pedi, Basotho and Tswana inhabited Highveld and the North Eastern Region was inhabited by the Venda, Shangaan, Tsonga and Lemba. The Kruger National Park’s Thamuleka site is believed to have been inhabited in the 13th century and the Mapungubwe ruins can be traced back to the 12th century.  “The colored” is a mixed race group comprising of slaves from East Africa, Madagascar, Indonesia and East Indies and from rest of Africa, some of the descendants of the Khoisan and the white colonialists. The Europeans are believed to have first settled in South Africa about 350 years ago.


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South Africa, the only country named after its exact geographical location and with an area of approximately 472,281 square miles is bordered by Namibia in the North West, Swaziland in the North East, Zimbabwe and Botswana in the North and on the West it’s bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and on the East and South by the Indian Ocean.

South Africa is located at the Southern end in the continent of Africa with Lesotho in the middle of East Central South Africa with a plateau covering over 2/3 of the area in South Africa that rises towards the South East and reaches its highest peak in the Drakensberg- that has Champagne Castle the highest peak in South Africa, Drakensberg creates an escarpment (steep slopes) that divides and distinguishes the coastal areas from the plateau region. The Highveld which ends in the North takes up the largest part of the plateau and comprises of areas such as Witwatersrand- that is blessed with precious gold pieces and also Johannesburg one of the largest commercial city in South Africa.

South Africa has a population of about 41 million people with Black Africans making up almost 77% of the total population, 11%- white settlers, 8%- coloreds, less than 2%- minorities, over 2% - Indian settlers. Most people in South Africa live in urban residential areas of Gauteng (Central Province) with towns such as Johannesburg, Pretoria and administrative and industrial towns of Port Elizabeth located on the Eastern Cape coast, Durban  and  Cape town one of the busiest tourist centers and these towns  offer employment to most of the South African population. The rural areas are mainly inhabited by the Bantu speaking black Africans and colored Khoisan, South East Asians and people who speak the language of Afrikaans.

Most South Africans belong to a religious affiliation; most of the population is Christian with the Calvinist Dutch Reformed church having the largest number comprising of whites and colored Afrikaans followed by Roman Catholics and other affiliations such as Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Anglicans- led by Bishop Desmond Tutu. Most black populations belong to one of the Pentecostal or apostolic churches spread all over the country. Other religious denominations include:- Jewish, Hindu minorities, Muslim and traditional Black African religion that involves celebrating vital ceremonies and rites such as celebrating life, births, marriage, initiations and funerals and the ceremony is usually completed with huge communal feastings.

Languages of South Africa.

South Africa is blessed with 11 official and national languages, 8 of them are of Bantu tribes and this was done as an endeavor to equalize and give more importance and status to the Bantu languages alongside the Afrikaans and English languages which had been the official languages during white minority government rule.

 The 11 official languages are listed below: - English (9.6%) – mainly used in education, courts of law, higher court, politics, business, government, formal communication, and media such as television, telecommunications, and radio and also used in most commercial and trading transactions and it’s the country’s lingua franca. Afrikaans(13.5%) - a language spoken by the mixed race people from French, Dutch, German and it’s one of the most commonly used language in South Africa more so in the Western and Northern Cape  by the  Black South Africa farmers usually as a 2nd – 4th  language . Xhosa (16%) - is the most widely spoken African language in South Africa. Others are:-Zulu(22%), Tsonga(4.5%), Swazi or Swati (2.5%), Ndebele, Sepedi (Northern Sotho), Sesotho 7.6% and Setswana 8% (Southern Sotho), Venda(2.4%).

Others include: - Lebowa, indigenous creoles and pidgins, Fanagalo, Lobedu (khilobedu), Phuthi (Siphuthi), and Sindebele (Northern Ndebele). Portuguese - spoken by white, black, refugees from Mozambique and Angola is becoming a popular language. Indians speak Urdu and Tamil languages. Italian, French, Yue Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Gujarati, Angloromani, Haillom, Hakka Chinese, Sanskrit, Telegu, standard German, Shona, and Hebrew are also spoken in South Africa. Most South Africans speak more than one language and do not be surprised if you hear them mixing more than two languages at once.

Some of the most popular phrases that are worth learning from the official languages of South Africa include:- Zulu Phrases;-  Yes-“Yebo”,   No- “Cha”, I thank You- “Ngiyabonga”, Water- “Amanzi”, I am fine, and you? – “Ngiya Phila, Wena?”.   Xhosa Phrases;-  Yes – “Ewe”  , No- ‘Hayi’, Thank you- “Enkosi”,   How are you?- Kunjani?, Good, fine- Kulungire , Please- Ncela, Help- Nceda, how much?- Vilamini?      Ndebele phrases; - Hello- Lotjhani, how are you? – Unjani? , I am fine, thank you – Ngikhona ngiyathokoza, Yes- Lye, No- Awa.


The official and national currency of South Africa is the South African rand named after Witwatersrand referring to “ridge of white waters” where  the city of Johannesburg is situated and a rich gold bearing area with plenty and  variety of gold deposits. The currency code is ZAR, currency symbol- R, Cent- C. The cent was first put into use on 14th February 1961 replacing the South African Pound as legal tender at a ratio of 2:1 in other words 2 rands = 1 pound or 10shillings to the rand.  The central Bank of South Africa is known as the South African Reserve Bank and it issues banknotes and coins. Frequently used coins include: - R1, R 2, R5, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c and frequently used bank notes include: - R10, R20, R50, R100, R200. The one rand paper note was replaced by a coin. Afrikaans was the first language on R2, R10 and R50 while English was the first language on R5 and 20 rand.

Users of the South African Rand apart from South Africa include Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia. The first South African currency was the Guilder; the Rix dollar was the first South African currency. Other previously used South African Currencies include: - Sterling’s, Spanish Dollars, US Dollars, French Francs, and Indian Rupees. The most popular currency exchange rate in South Africa is the ZAR to USD rate. Other common currency exchange rates are Euros, Pounds, Canadian dollar. Feel free to foot your bill at most restaurants, hotels and car rental fares in dollars, Euros and Pounds. You will need to change your money to South African rands on your arrival in South Africa for your daily expenditures for the duration you will be in South Africa.

 There are a variety of foreign exchange bureaus spread all over the major cities and all over the country. You can also exchange your dollars, Euros and pounds at most banks, airport forex bureaus, at your hotel though you might get a poorer exchange rate for your money than when you exchange them at the forex bureaus. Foreign exchange bureaus offer the best currency exchange rates more so those found in the major cities of Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town among other cities. You can use your ATM Card to withdraw money from most ATM machines located in most banks and you can easily pay for your purchases using your debit or credit card, visa card, MasterCard at most big supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.

The following are the estimated buying and selling rates of the South African rand against other currencies. 1ZAR= 0.08882USD, buying: - 1USD= 11.2585ZAR, 1GBP=18.2207ZAR, 1EURO=14.1948 ZAR, 1CAD= 10.0732ZAR.

What you require and need to enter South Africa.

The following are the requirements that one must meet to be granted entry into South Africa. These requirements differ from country to country and can change from time to time.

A passport or travel document with a minimum validity of number of days for your intended stay usually not less than 30 days after expiry of your intended visit and you must have at least 2 blank facing unused pages for necessary entry or departure stamps.

 If you require a visa to enter South Africa then ensure that its valid and apply for your visa at least 4 weeks in advance before your departure for South Africa and always confirm before departing for South Africa whether your visas are issued at the South African ports of entry and airline officials are supposed to insist on seeing your visa before allowing you to board the plane for South Africa.   

It’s important to note that if you arrive in South Africa without a visa, immigration officials will definitely deny you entry into South Africa and will immediately put you on a return flight back to your country.

Additional surcharges will apply if you intend to ask for extension of your stay so you’re advised to request for the full duration of your intended visit. If at all you decide to go ahead and extend your stay you can apply for an extension at your nearest home affairs customer service centre in South Africa but do this before your temporary residence permit expires.

A return or onward ticket and you should be able to show proof of sufficient funds evidenced by salary advances, bank statements, bursary, medical cover; undertakings by the host in South Africa, cash evidenced by credit cards and travelers cheques.

Visitors are only restricted to the activity for which your visa was issued. If you’ve travelled for tourism or business purposes, paying family or a friend a visit, study or work purposes then keep to that.

Nationals of the following countries do not require a visa to enter South Africa:-Australia, Austria, Botswana, Canada, Andorra, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Luxemburg, France, Germany(except in diplomatic staff), Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Malta, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Paraguay, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America, Zambia, Venzuela, Uruguay, Portugal San Marino, Namibia, Monaco and Chile among others.

Nationals of the following countries require a visa to enter South Africa: - British Dependent Territories include: - Anquila, Bermuda, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands, Caico Islands, Gilbraltar, Montserrat, Turks and Pitcairn and Faikland Islands and the visa should be applied for in person and biometric data should be provided.

Confirm with your airline in case you have interconnecting oversea flights and know if transit visa is required as part of your South Africa journey. Those whose permits expire and still continue living in the country, instead of being fined they might simply be blacklisted and denied further application for visas to re enter South Africa for a period of  1- 5years.

 A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required if your journey involves passing through South America or the yellow fever belt of Africa.

Airports in South Africa.

South Africa is endowed with over 90 airports:-domestic and international airports and these airports have scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines. Most of the largest, biggest and busiest airports including Lanseria International Airport (privately owned), Cape Town International Airport and King Shaka International Airport located in Durban among others are owned by the Airport Company of South Africa. There are also privately owned Airports, public airports owned and managed by local municipalities.

These airports offer corporate and basic amenities. These airports include:- Aggeneys Airport, Alexander Bay Airport( Kortdoom Airport), Bhishon Airport, Cradock Airport, Alldays Airport, East London Airport, Ellisras Airport(Mitimba Airport), Rand Airport, Emelo Airport, George Airport, Kroonstad Airport, Musina Airport, Nelspruit Airport, , Tambo International Airport, Giyani Airport, Mthatha Airport, Newcastle Airport, Ulundi Airport, Virginia Airport, Port Elizabeth Airport.

 Others include:- Mafikeng Airport, Calvinia Airport, Empangeni Airport, Richards Bay Airport, Polokwane International Airport, Hendrik Van Eck Airport, Kleinzee Airport, Mala Mala Airport, East gate Airport, Kimberley Airport, Bloemfontein Airport, Durban International Airport, Dukuduk Airport and Bethlehem Airport among others. Habari Africa a renowned car rental company in South Africa would be honored to provide you with 4x4 car hire services to and from any airport of your choice at affordable, budget and pocket friendly competitive car hire rates.



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South Africa is blessed with a number of airlines offering domestic and international flight and airline services. You can decide to travel either first class, premier economy, business or economy. There are a number of small charter airline companies offering cheap airline carrier services to South Africa’s major cities and to some of its smaller cities. Domestic Airlines include:- South African Airways- a four star rated airline with  its  headquarters situated in Airways park in Kempton Park, Gauteng, British Airways that operates flights between the major cities and its operated by Comair, Kulula Airways, Mango Airways with its major base located at Tambo International Airport and these offer flights to most routes in South Africa and some of them even offer international flights. Popular flight routes include: - Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein, George, Upington and Maseru among others.

International Airlines operating in South Africa include:- Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Qatar Airways, Air Namibia, British Airways, Fly Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, South African Express, Airlink and Malaysian Airlines and popular flight destinations include:- Addis Ababa, Auckland, George, Bangkok, New Orleans, Cairo, Bokota, Harare, New York, Manchester, Phuket, Perth, Plettenberg, Richard’s Bay, Lanseria, Amsterdam, Male, Lilongwe, Plaisance, Paris, Dusseldorf, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Sacramento, Zanzibar and Funchal  among others.


 Having a taste of South African Food would make your South African trip memorable and one of the best holiday destinations in Africa as a variety of cuisines are served all you have to do is name it and you will definitely have it and enjoy it and might even become one of your favorite dishes.  South Africa offers one of the best meat restaurants serving oxtail stew, Sirloin steak. You can also choose to eat out in Soweto restaurants including:-Wandiesplace in Dube, Sakhumzi’s among others. You can also check out elegant coffee shops, restaurants and exciting clubs in Newtown’s Cultural Precint found in Johannesburg, Home grown restaurants such as Dulce Café and Spur. There are also plenty of Italian, French, Indian, Moroccan, Congolese, West Africa, Japanese, Chinese Dutch, English and South East Asian restaurants  can be found in all the major and larger towns such as Cape Town and Durban offering all your preferred spicy and flavored dishes and cuisines. There are also plenty of fast food restaurants such as Wimpy, Nandos, Steers,  Kentucky Fried Chicken, Barcelos, Chicken Licken and King Pie to mention but a few.

 Popular nutritious dishes that must be tried out on your South African visit include: - Chakalaka-tasty meal comprising of carrots, tomatoes, baked beans, hot curry powder and chilly, Potjiekos-made of meat and vegetables, Boerewors- a seasoned pork sausage or  a minced meat sausage roll, Bredie- spiced meat stew and vegetables that is more tasty when grilled, Vetkoek- a great South African pastry that can be enjoyed for dessert, Mealie-  roasted maize served on a cob, Bobotie- resembles a British Shepherd’s pie, Bitong- curled dried meat with a very savory taste, Sosaties- barbecued or skewered lamb or mutton meat made like kebab, Frikkadel- deep fried or baked meat balls spiced up with onions, eggs, vinegar, spices and bread. Others include: - Rock Lobster- more delicious when grilled, Melktert- desert made of milk, egg and sugar, Hoenerpastei- a tasty chicken pie, Koeksister- braided cruller, white potatoes eaten with butter, pumpkins, rice and beans, pot brood  and Samosas among others.

You can enjoy a drink and beverages such as beers at most bars and taverns mostly owned by women. Milk and milk products such as sour milk (Amasi), yoghurt, sour cream can be tried out, Biryani, Umvumbo- comprising of sour milk and dry pap. South Africa is blessed with some of the best vine yards in the Africa found in the valleys of Barrydale, Worcester, Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek and is a major wine producer and these elegant wines can be found in most elegant hotels, restaurants in most South African major cities. Do not miss a taste of the traditional beer brewed and fermented from local grains such as Sorghum and maize.


In the vicinity of Cape Town, explore the natural reserve at Cape Point that lies at the tip of the Peninsula and offers a paradise of over 250 prolific bird species, also check out the Boulder Beach famous for its 3,000 African penguins, dolphin and whales watching and offers clean, sparkly white sandy beaches. Do not leave out V and A Water Front named after Queen Victoria of Great Britain and her son Alfred offering exciting harbor cruises, puppet shows, fine dining, boat charters and so much more. Table Mountain deriving its name from its flat top offers exciting cable car rides and hiking opportunities to the top for the most spectacular and panoramic views of its windows and floors, complete your Cape Town trip with a visit to Franschhoek motor museum for the most overwhelming view of spectacular collection of vehicles, bicycles, motorways and memorable evolution of motor cars from way back in 1898 up to the latest collection. Check out Robben island, Khwa ttu, Newlands Brewery, Great Constantia- one of the oldest wine farms in South Africa with fantastic displays of high quality, Shiraz, Merlot, drinking vessels and ways of storing wine, World of Birds the largest and beautiful bird park with over 3000birds including flamingoes, turacos, parrots.

Explore  from, the underground limestone caves of  Cango situated in Swartberg mountains,  past the 600-800 years old Big tree at Tsitsikamma with exciting  and challenging trails, for engaging and exhilarating bungee jumping and flying fox cable ride at Bloukrans Bridge the highest highway in Africa with a bridge exceeding 500feet off the ground, to the Ostrich Farm in the ostrich industry city of Oudsthoorn with plenty of ostrich products such as ostrich skin for shoes and handbags, all found near the  Garden Route in South Africa, cross over to  Addo Elephant National Park the 3rd largest South African National Park with over 560 elephants, zebras and giraffes among others to the world’s largest hand dug diamond mining excavation centre known as the Big Hole, pay  a visit to Augrabies Falls that pours its waters in the Orange river for the greatest hiking and wildlife viewing memories and Namaqualand Flower Route with blossoming colorful spring flowers turning the semi desert plains of Namaqualand into a beautiful land of flowers, also offers hiking, cycling and drives.

Attraction worth checking out near Johannesburg include:-

ü  The Apartheid Museum, Golden Reef City- largest amusement park famous for its Gold Rush in the 19th century, roller coasters, ranging river rapid exciting rides and water slides. Spot Newtown Cultural Precint famous for its elegant and sophisticated restaurants, market square, theatre and for its colorful and thrilling shopping experiences. Also check out Lion Park, Monte Casino offering splendid shoe shopping, jewellery and clothing sprees, amazing and spectacular night life, movie theaters, Nelson Mandela Square, Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary for exotic monkey spotting, Union Buildings, SAB World of Boer, Maropeng, Sterkfontein  limestone caves, Blyde River Canyon- the world’s  3rd  largest most beautiful canyon, enjoy water rafting, boat trips, biking , fishing, hiking and abseiling in the Mpumalanga Nature Reserve and last but not least check out The Palace Of the Lost City featuring stunning mosaic frescos and renowned for its spectacular and overwhelming towers and casinos, sophisticated first class restaurants and a popular safari destination.

ü  Also travel to Kwazulu Natal’s Moses Mabhida Stadium- hosting small and big matches like FIFA World Cup, enjoy black mamba watching, sea seals, dolphin and penguin shows and spy hole watching of hairy tarcuntula at Ushaka Marine World. Enjoy golden paved walk ways on the Durban Beach Fronts, Spot big game such as rhinos, hippos, kudus and sable antelopes on Tala Private Game Reserve. Don’t leave out the Drakensberg ranges, Sani Pass, KZN Battlefields, Spirit of Emakhosini, St.Lucia Sanctuary and Howiki Falls and so on….

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 South African climate and best time to Visit.

South Africa is usually sunlit, relatively dry with warm temperate conditions  accounted for by the  altitude of the interior plateau and usually receives annual rainfall totals of approximately 464mm. South Africa  has four seasons comprising of summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Summer is characterized by warm, sunny and hot weather, a morning downpour can be dried up by afternoon and this season usually runs from mid October- mid February and it’s the best time to visit South Africa more so for driving to unexplored upcountry destinations (April through to September), also ideal time for surfing, river rafting in Mpumalanga, Kwazulu Natal and Limpopo (height of summer in late November – mid February). Enjoy watching palaeoarctic migrant birds around November to Mid October. It’s also the best time for beach lovers to frock the Durban Beach fronts. It’s also ideal for wildlife viewing as animals tend to concentrate around the few available water sources

Autumn usually runs from mid February through to April and offers South Africans with the best weather as little rainfall totals are received throughout the country and the weather is simply warm, not too cold or too warm but as time goes on it starts to get colder. This is the best season to engage in stunning, exciting and exhilarating outdoor activities as its usually hot and sunny and an ideal time for hiking in the Drakensberg ranges

Winter usually runs from May through to July with temperatures dropping below freezing point and in the interior plateau lying areas the weather is usually dry, sunny but comprise of cold frosty nights so carry enough warm clothing. The low lying areas of Limpopo and Mpumalanga and humid, dry Kwazulu Natal are blessed with sunny, warm weather with no rain so you can enjoy the beach in Northern Kwazulu Natal even in midwinter. The heavy winter rains are more severe in the Mediterranean region of Western Cape, Cape Town with the Drakensberg and the highest peaks of the Cape in Kwazulu becoming snow capped in winter but the place is soon made more lively and vibrant by the arrival of better summer days and nights.

Spring is more spectacular, brilliant and stunning in the Cape provinces and it lasts from August to Mid October. It puts behind the grey nights and dark days of the winter as flowers blossom and it’s colorful and wonderful and it’s the best time to visit the Namaqualand Flowers and the  also the best time for hiking.


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Camping in South Africa.

South Africa offers plenty of camping options for your exhilarating summer camping trip and holiday be it a resort, municipal campsite, public, private campsite, special, bush or wilderness campsite. You can camp on the river front, beach with roaring ocean waves luring you into a deep slumber, anywhere in the mountains, Game reserves. You can camp on the beautiful   and peaceful banks of River Magaliesberg a one hour drive to Johannesburg or at Dinikeng Waterfront Estate  15minutes drive away from Pretoria with exciting opportunities such as fishing, picnics, mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, mountain biking.

 You can also camp at  Manyane Resort, Pilanesberg with the big five animals,Tietiesbaai cape Columbine Nature Reserve, Plettenberg Forever Resorts with peaceful serene atmosphere of the river banks  Driehoek Farm offering  perfect  Cederberg excursions, Nature’s Valley Rest Camp hosting prolific bird viewing experiences. Other camping grounds include:- Matroosberg Private Natural Reserve, Sani Lodge Back packers Southern Drakensberg, Richards Bay Caravan park, Ilanga Resort and Caravan Park, Banana Beach, Cobham campsite, Southern Drakensberg, Mahai Campsite, Royal Natal National Park, Mvubu Campsite at Addo Elephant Park. There are also plenty of campsites in Limpopo such as Bontle camping site at Marakele National Park, Borakalalo Game reserve, campsites in Augrabies Falls National park, and campsites in Eastern Cape such as Yellow wood forest campsite, Rendezvous Caravan Park, East London, Tamboti Vreugde Caravan Park and Hatbeeshoek Nature Reserve.

Habari Africa would be glad to provide you with a 4x4 unequipped or fully equipped camping vehicle for your summer camping trip in South Africa. Our 4x4 camping vehicles include:-a 4X4 Toyota Hilux Bush camper, a 2 Berth Camper, Toyota Land Cruiser Bush Camper, Toyota Land cruiser pop Top and Ford Ranger Luxury Camper 4X4. These vehicles have air conditioning, manual transmission and are fuel economy. We would also provide you with camping equipment for 2 pax at 40USD per day.


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Habari Africa is a renowned and efficient car rental provider covering all your Southern Africa car rental needs, preferences and requirements for the best car rental experience for your Southern Africa safari holiday. We provide you with a variety of car rental option either self drive or with a professional chauffeur to take you to anywhere you desire to go in South Africa. We have been offering 4x4 wheeled drive cars in Southern Africa since 2007 in the countries of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and we can provide  you with 4x4 vehicles to these countries and even arrange cross border car hire from any one of these countries to another. You can easily travel from Harare in Zimbabwe to Maputo in Mozambique- Lusaka in Zambia- Windhoek in Namibia or to Cape Town in South Africa. You can also do a popular circuit trip or safari to all the most popular attractions from all these countries as you can easily cross over with your 4x4 self drive rental from over Southern Africa country to another.

Our wide 4x4 rental fleet include:- 4x4 Toyota Hilux Single and Double cabs, Land Rover Defender 4x4, Toyota Fortuner 4x4, Land Rover Discovery 4x4, Toyota Land cruiser 4x4. These vehicles are easy to drive, have the most hard wearing 4x4, long range fuel tanks, they have everything you may need such as satellite phones, wheel brace, vehicle documents, vehicle handbook, fire extinguisher, spade and axe, tyre awning, roller draws, Engel fridge, vehicle awning and offer excellent game viewing height, enough load space, economical car hire rates, reliability and excellent on and off road performance.


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 We offer self drive car rental deals,  all airport car rentals, one way deals, two way rental deals, with driver car hire, comprehensive insurance cover, unlimited mileage basis, 24/7 phone availability, backup support, book and recommend accommodation, tailor an itinerary for your journey or safari, long term car hire deals of over 1 year or more at discounted car hire rates, short term lease rentals, 4x4 campers, 4x4 camping equipment and cross border travel to Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and to other Southern Africa countries.

Our popular car hire locations and destinations include:-Cape Town, East London, Durban, Port Elizabeth, George, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Polokwane, Randburg, Nelspruit, New Castle, Plettenberg, Durban, Centurion, Ellisras, LadySmith, Kokstad, Queenstown, Mafikeng, Secunda, Upington, Witbank, Pietermaritzburg, Kimberley, Kathu, Germiston, Umtata, Sandton, Brummeria Pretoria, Foreshore, Klerksdop, Stellenbusch and Vanderbijilpark among others. In South Africa vehicle pick up and drop off would be in the major cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria and in any other South African major cities.

Contact us and book your South Africa competitive car, you simply have to fill in our non obligatory online booking form found on our website or you can just email us, call on our ever available 24/7 phone numbers and secure your South African Rental car with Habari a company that can be trusted. We avail you with a 4x4 off terrain and safari vehicle to South Africa a country with all the activities and attractions that you’ve ever craved for, a land with multitudes of attractions that offer the best there is and leave you yearning for more. Contact us for your best safari holiday to South Africa a land of natural and man made wonders, a land of jewels, treasures and out of this world memories that definitely last a life time.

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