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Rwanda country information facts.

Habari Africa car rentals with offices in Kigali and Kampala Uganda is honored  to provide you with information that you might be looking for and that might be useful to all those planning that extra ordinary visit to Rwanda or traveling for that big meeting in Kigali, visiting friends and for those preparing for that holiday or trip of a lifetime. We provide you with all the vital information you might need from:- Rwandan History, About Rwanda, Languages spoken, Currency, Climate, Best time to visit this lush ever green country, Rwandan’s Cuisine and Drink, elegant hotels and well furnished apartments in Rwanda, flights to Rwanda, what you need to enter this country to :-Rwanda popular must visit travel destinations,  and we also cover  your car travel rental needs in Rwanda and we provide you with sufficient information regarding the comforts and flexibility that a self drive 4x4 up country car rental can guarantee for an extra-memorable holiday, a wide array of our 4x4 rental locations and our extra-ordinary large fleet of 4x4 wheeled drive vehicles that can get you to your chosen destination in style and in time.


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History of Rwanda.

Rwanda  is a small landlocked country enveloped by steep hills and deep valleys that in simple terms make it referred to as a mountainous country and famously known as the “The land of  a Thousand  Hills”, located in East / Central Africa.

Rwanda is famously known for its horrendous history of genocide which were characterized by 100 days of slaughter with the Hutu massacring and unmercifully slaughtering the Tutsi in Rwanda .this all began on April 6th 1994 and was fueled by the racial differences and hostility between the tribes of Tutsi who constituted about 14% of the population and occupied most of the ruling posts and the Hutu who made up 85% of the Rwanda population and who felt like the aggrieved party and initiated the massacre with the killings beginning in Rwanda’s capital Kigali. The worst massacres took place on April 15-16th 1994 at a Roman Catholic church named Nyarubuye located 60miles East of Kigali when a mayor of the town encouraged Tutsis to seek refugee here and later betrayed them to the Hutu extremists who spent 2 whole days killing each one of the Tutsi found here using machetes, knives leaving thousands of innocent women, children and men dead.

The Genocide finally stopped in Mid July 1994 and we are pleased to inform you that after the horrible genocide of 1994 Rwanda is now a stable country with no more worries of turmoils and it’s very safe to visit the country. Come visit the Genocide Memorials-located in the capital city of Kigali and get the full story from those who experienced it all and also Nyange High School where students were told that the Tutsi and Hutu should be divided each to one side and the students refused. Also check out Nyarubuye Roman Catholic Church where the worst massacres took place.

About Rwanda.

Rwanda is blessed with fascinating and spectacular undulating landscape with contrasting hills and valleys’ providing extremely wonderful picturesque and panoramic rewarding views.

Rwanda has close proximity to the equator (South of the equator) and is also divided by the Rift Valley and is boarded by Uganda in the North, Tanzania in the East, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and by Burundi in the South.

The three 3 tribes that inhabit Rwanda are the Tutsi, Hutu and Twa (make up 1% of the population and preferred living in the forest as hunters and gatherers and where forced to move deeper into the forest with the arrival of the Hutu).

Rwanda although small is densely populated with figures of approximately 10 million people with the highest populating residing in rural areas.

The most famous religious affiliation is Roman Catholicism followed by Protestants and Adventists while Muslims constitute the lowest number.

Rwandan time is always 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +2).

Rwanda is a land of majestic, undulating and idyllic scenery with magnificent people, fascinating and serene lakes, amazing mountain ranges, pleasant climate, excellent roads and elegant hotels and apartments and a whole range of affordable, comfortable and efficient accommodation suits.

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Languages Spoken.

Rwanda has three official languages, these are:-Kinyarwanda-the primary and main language spoken in Rwanda, French is also widely spoken by most of the people in Rwanda and the last official language is English-commonly spoken by the people who usually work with visitors. Kiswahili is also an immigration language spoken in Rwanda.

In Rwandan education system, the first 3years of primary school are taught in Kinyarwanda and then from there onwards one can either choose the option to study in English or French. Rwanda is currently considering switching her entire education system from French to English as a dramatic step to move away from French influence and colonialism and also as a way of repositioning Rwanda as a member of the East African Community majorly comprising of English Speaking countries.

Rwandan currency.

The official currency of Rwanda is the Rwandan Franc (RWF). The most popular Rwanda Franc exchange rate is the US$ to RWF but Pound Sterling’s and Euros are also common. If you’re traveling to Rwanda either for business, holiday, trip or you’re simply after travel money rates and you want to exchange your money we provide you with the essentials that you need to know about Rwandan currency. Exchange rates fluctuate from time to time, approximately 1US$=690.98, 1 Euro=908.19RWF, 1 pound=1137.63RWF. The coins issued include 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Francs, Bank notes of 20-100 Francs and 500, 1000, 2000 and 5,000 are also issued and are commonly used. You can carry your money either as credit cards, travelers’ cheques or hard cash. Travelers cheques are advisable if they are in Euros or in US$ and the minimum amount that can be cashed with these at Banque Commercial du Rwanda (BCR) and at several other banks in Kigali is US$200 a day. Although it’s advisable to carry hard cash as you will get lower exchange rates when you use travelers’ cheques than on your hard cash.

Credit cards are not commonly used in Rwanda and surprisingly Master cards are more extensively used and accepted than Visa cards for example at elegant high end hotels of  Kigali and in a few other places. If you planning on using your credit card in Rwanda first confirm with your hotel if they accept that mode of payment at the time when booking accommodation from them. In places where visa cards are accepted, you can withdrawal up to 2,500 pounds a day using your visa or MasterCard. It’s also important for you to note that master cards and not Visa cards is the mode of payment acceptable at the headquarter of ORTPN in Kigali.

There are authorized Forex bureaus along the streets and city of Kigali with the private Forex bureaus who usually have somewhat smaller offices offering better exchange rates than those got at most Rwandan banks. Western Union has made it possible and faster to receive and send money from other countries, so feel free to use these services.


Best time to visit Rwanda.

Rwanda is blessed with excellent tropical highland climate and pleasant weather. It can rain in the morning and 1-2 hours later bright sun lit rays protrude and radiate from the sky drying the land and making it look like it never rained that day. Rwanda has conducive weather that is favorable for tourism and visiting all year round. Feel free to come explore Rwanda any time of the year.

The wet season usually starts end of March- end of May and these are referred to as the long rains with April being the wettest month, the next batch being in Mid September- mid December.

March-Mid May:-These months are ideal for game or primate viewing such as apes and monkeys in Nyungwe Forest Reserve. You can also enjoy Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe Forest National Park as chimpanzees can be in large herds and in one place feeding on the ripened fresh fruits in the forest.

The months of mid October to November are ideal for bird watching. During this time everything is green and wonderful offering prolific and fascinating bird species viewing. Bird watching can also be enjoyed in late May, late November to early December.  During the rainy season, lush green vegetation and excellent, tranquil scenery of undulating and enveloping green hills, savannas  and landscapes is guaranteed and hence a good epic for excellent photography.

The dry season usually runs from June to September and also January to February characterized by high temperatures of about 29degrees or more though temperatures in Kigali are kept at an average of 21degrees throughout the year.

The dry season is definitely the best time for travel and more so for Gorilla Trekking in the great Volcanoes National Park mountains with July and August being Peak months for this exciting activity. This period also favors ease of sighting other primates such as golden monkeys, buffaloes, elephants as they tend to concentrate around the few available water sources such as river fronts, waterholes and along lakes.

December to February is an ideal time for hiking, climbing, canoeing. June is the month for the exciting gorilla naming ceremony for the new born gorillas and you should not miss this once in a year opportunity. You can equally enjoy trekking the endangered mountain gorilla species in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and in Mgahinga National Park in Uganda or you can do a combined gorilla trek in Uganda and Rwanda and Habari Africa would arrange the purchase of the gorilla permits for you.


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Rwandan Cuisine and Drinks.

Rwanda is blessed with a variety of elegant restaurants ranging from local, Indian, Chinese, Italian, French and Greek restaurants. These are widely distributed within Kigali and in other larger cities and they offer cuisines to suit all tastes and flavors. They usually charge a fee of about US$ 10 for a dinner meal. You can enjoy chips, chaps, pillao, grilled chicken, grilled fish, Brochettes (goat kebab) that has a savory taste and a favorite for most in this country. You can equally enjoy a local buffet referred to as “Melange” comprising of potatoes, rice, beans, bananas, cassava with fish or meat sauce. Other popular foods in Rwanda include: - Fufu and Ugali usually eaten with goat meat or beans sauce, you can also decide to enjoy the meal or accompany it with some vegetables or steamed spinach or peanut sauce. Fish is popular for those who stay near lakes.

Drinks ranging from milk, mineral water soft drinks comprising of soda, juice can easily be got from most shops and supermarkets. In bars you can enjoy local beer brands comprising of Skol-produced by Brasserie de Mille Collines (BMC), Primus, Mutzig, Turbo King available in large and small sizes, Amstel can be got in 330ml bottles. Most of Rwanda soft drinks, juices and beers are locally produced by companies like Inyange, Braliwa among others. You can also try out” Ubuki” made from fermented honey and “Urgwagwa” a local brewed beer from bananas available at most shops.

 Elegant hotels and well furnished Apartments’ in Rwanda.

Rwanda offers a wide range of accommodation facilities and amenities that are well impoverished, well maintained, articulately clean and offering efficient and effective services throughout the country. These accommodation suites range from elegant high end hotels, hostels, excellently furnished apartments with all that you may require to well maintained houses available for renting by visitors.

These hotels include:-Kigali Serena Hotel, Hotel Chez Lando, Manor Hotel, Hotel Baobab, Hotel Gorillas, Hotel Okapi, Iris Guest House, Nyungwe Forest Reserve, Akagera Game Reserve, Hotel Des Milles Collines and Step Down Motel. All you have to do is Choose It and we will definitely Book it for you. We can also book and recommend accommodation for you at competitive prices; we would gladly book and avail you with our lavish apartments at fairly low costs that are affordable for all those on a budget holiday.

We also would be pleased to avail you with a self drive or with driver car rental services to and from your hotel to any destination of your choice at rates that are budget friendly and ascertain that you receive the best car hire services for your  most epic and memorable trip ever in Rwanda.

What you would need to enter Rwanda.

It’s very easy to enter Rwanda, all you require to enter this very interesting country is briefly outlined for you below:-

Please see update Rwanda Visa regime as of November 1st, 2014 on the link below.


The visa information on the link above overrides any previous displayed information regarding Rwanda Visas.

A passport with a minimum validity of 6months is required for all visitors to Rwanda or you can carry internationally recognized travel documents. Ugandan and Kenyan visas are valid for Rwanda.

More information about visa requirements can always be got from the Rwandan High Commission and in case you’re applying for business or resident or multiple entry visas then you will require getting police clearance before you can travel.

A yellow fever certificate showing that you’ve been vaccinated may required more so at the border.

Those wishing to travel to all East African Countries may apply for an East African cross border joint visa guaranteeing you easy entry into the East African countries of Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Burundi on a single visa.

Check with your airline to clarify whether transit visas won’t be required during your travel before reaching your desired destination. Transit visas through Rwanda are valid for 3days (72hours).

You should have sufficient funds and you must show proof of those funds to cover your stay- this is required by all visa applicants in Rwanda.

Flights to Rwanda.

There is a wide offering of flights to Rwanda the most popular ones being Entebbe, London, NewYork, Chicago, Amsterdam, Paris the final destination being Kigali. There are also over 153 direct international flights into Kigali from countries all over the world such as on Brussels Airlines, Turkish Airlines- usually 3 times a week. Rwanda Air equally offers flights to countries like Dubai via Mombasa, there are also flights from Nairobi Kenya Airways to Bujumbura. The most direct way to reach Rwanda from London would be London-Nairobi and then connect through to Kigali and then Fro USA it would be USA-London-Nairobi-Kigali.

Airports in Rwanda include Gisenyi Airport, Kamemba Airport, and Kigali Airport and there are 24 domestic flights into Rwanda and Rwanda is blessed with 101 small air-crafts entering Rwanda every week and also easy access into Kigali is also possible from the DRC Goma air strip and it usually takes about 3hrs by car.

Must See Picturesque Attractions and Top Recommended Rwanda Destinations.

¨      Explore Rwanda from the picturesque and serene Great lakes of Lake Kivu,Lake Ruhonda, Lake Mugesera, Lake Burera, Lake Ihema, Lake Muhanzi which are fresh water bodies with beautiful outstanding bays and some like L.Kivu have wonderful resorts past  the exotic amazing view offered by the primates in Akagera National Park and Nyungwe Forest National Park such as the stripped jackals, marsh mongoose, olive baboons, golden cat, red tailed monkey, African civet, impalas, deers, Zebras, gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants, buffaloes and with hundreds and hundreds of bird species including the bizarre shoe bill stork, fish eagles and papyrus ganolek to the highest and for the best hiking and gorilla trekking experience in the Virunga Volcanoes Mountains and  golden monkey trekking in the elusive and engaging Volcanoes National Park.

¨      Also check out Diana Fossey’s Grave in Virunga Volcanic Mountains, Gisenyi, Butare, Kigali- famous Rwanda cities with bustling, vibrant and exciting day and night life excitement offerings and activities.  You can also enjoy canoeing and fishing at the tranquil, idyllic lake side resort of Kibuye with plenty of fishing boats and it offers great kayaking opportunities, hotels and restaurants. Also explore Kibungu with fascinating and spectacular lakes and waterfalls acting as a main center for excursions and water sports, you can enjoy the rewarding mesmerizing scenic view of the craters, spot the beautiful grottoes of Kaboza and Nyenji and the spectacular thermal waters at Nyakabuye.

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Self Drive car rentals.

Habari Africa is a company offering a variety of car hire options in Rwanda. We have offices located in Rwanda and in Kampala and have been offering excellent 4x4wheeled drive rentals in Rwanda and to all other East African countries. We offer self drive car rentals, with chauffeur car hire services with our very own professional English Speaking Driver efficiently trained to handle most emergency situations and are experienced travelers and drivers in all the East African countries as they know the different corners and most destinations in these countries.

We can also offer you our excellently maintained and nearly brand new 4x4 wheeled vehicles ideal for all you may wish to do and guarantees that you reach your desired destination without so much feeling the discomfort derived from the humps and unexpected stoppage of a car say on a hill, a 4x4 will seamlessly fly over that hill that another car cannot and will safely get you to that up country destination you want to explore on time and with no worries at all.

We offer airport car rentals at all airports in Kigali including Kigali Airport, Kamembe Airport and Gisenyi Airport and at any other airport in East Africa.

We can offer you a self drive 4x4 vehicle that will ascertain ease of traveling from one destination to another as a self drive rental offers flexibility and travel at your own desired pace. Quickly pick up your phone and make your booking with us for the best 4x4 self drive travel arrangements that will enable us reserve a vehicle for you or you can simply fill in our non obligatory free online booking form or you can simply email us at our email address and you will get possible feedback within the shortest time that no other company can beat.

We provide cross boarder car hire to all East African Countries. If you wish to fly into Nairobi  and then continue to Kigali by road ( in a 4x4 wd)and you want your car rental readily waiting for you by the time you land at Nairobi Airport all you have to do Is tell us and we arrange all that for you. The best part in all this is that we use our own large rental fleet in all these East African countries. We provide you with our vehicles on unlimited mileage basis, comprehensively insured and also 3rd party insured. Simply contact us on our ever available 24/7 phone numbers listed at the end of this article and you will surely get the best rental deal that will make you a repeat client and will inspire others to also book with us.

Our wide, well maintained 4x4 rental fleet includes 4x4 Toyota Rav 4, 4X4 Nissan Terranos, Land Rover v8s, Toyota Lite ace 4x4, Honda CRV 4X4, Mazda Levante 4x4, 4wd Nissan Elgrand, Nissan Navara double cabins, 4x4 Toyota Hiace, Ford 4x4, Toyota Prado, Land Rover Discovery Tdi 4x4, Land Cruiser 4x4, Toyota Super customs, camper vans, mini buses, saloon cars, Safari vans, 4X4 Tour Vans, Safari Mini Vans. These 4x4s offer all on road and off road capabilities, they are easy to drive, fuel economy, high ground clearance, offer efficient view for primate watching and easily cope with up country road conditions wherever you choose to travel in East Africa. Feel free to pick up your 4x4 from Kanube-Kigali Airport and then drop it off at Entebbe Airport or anywhere in Kampala (Uganda).

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The popular destinations we cover in Rwanda include all city rentals in the major cities of Kigali, Kibungo, Ruhengeri (Musanze), Cyangugu, Gisenyi (Rubavu), Huye (Butare), Kibuye (Karongi), Byuma (Gicumbi), Gitarama (Muhanga) and to other destinations such as Akagera National Park, Volcanoes National park and Nyungwe Forest Reserve. Within Rwanda you may pick up or drop off your car rental in Kigali or in any other major city.

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Simply contact us for your most perfect rental solution in East Africa and we will deliver all our car hire services to meet your expectations or we might even surprise you and surpass them. Contact us for your budget and most competitive 4x4 quotes for Rwanda a country of majestic undulating landscapes and beautiful scenery that earns it its unique name of “Land of a Thousand Hills”.

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