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History of Namibia.

Namibia Is an authentic country located on the Southern part of Africa characterized by a rugged landscape, one of Africa’s richest rock art sites, shimmering wildlife and Is home to one of the oldest and driest deserts in the world and also with some of the highest, most spectacular and beautiful sand dunes in the World. Even before  colonial times, Namibia was a diverse country with people of different tribes, traditions, ethnic groups, languages, that included the San(Bush men) assumed to have been the earliest inhabitants in the region, the Ovambo and Kavango whose economy was based on farming, fishing and cattle, Nama and Damara who settled in grasslands known as the Damaraland, the Oorlams who settled along the Orange River and took control of the best grazing land and in addition they spoke a language similar to Afrikaans. Baster migration saw Namibia receive the last group of people to arrive in Namibia which founded the Free Republic of Rehobith.

Explore Namibia.

The country’s name is derived from the Namib Desert which is one of the oldest deserts in the world. The official language spoken in Namibia is English though other regional dialects such as Oshiwambo and Afrikaans are also common especially among the locals and the currency in Namibia is the Namibian Dollar (NAD).

Explore the rugged landscape, rough edges of Namibia, the land of the brave in an off the road 4x4 vehicle as  with a 4x4 car rental you can access remote, magnificent, must see tourist places such as the Skeleton Coast and the  pristine game reserves in the Caprivi Strip. If you’re planning a trip to the Kunene Region or to the deepest sands of the Namib desert your advised to hire an off road terrain 4x4 vehicle such as a Nissan off- road  Patrol, Toyota Hilux. A 4X4 vehicle will allow you to seamlessly explore the rugged terrain, off the beaten tracks and it’s perfect for the vivid adventurer. All you have to do is tell us how many people you’re travelling with so that you can choose from our wide rental 4x4wd options of single and double cab vehicles.

                              4x4 self drive car hire Namibia.

Car Rental Namibia.

Namibia Is an avid, authentic country, a land of endless magnificent horizons with a rugged landscape that tally up to 4 landscapes each with its own unique characteristics, sky scraping dunes  crash into the jagged coastline and Is home to vibrant cities such as Windhoek,Swakopmund and Luderitz. Our 4x4 rental vehicles are perfect for epic road trips as Namibia offers stunning and idyllic scenery and open space panoramic views that enable you to see it all, from the immense, gigantic ravine, stony plains around the Fish River Canyon to the seemingly endless plains and rocky mountains of Damaraland with attractions such as Organ pipes formed by volcanic movements.


We recommend that you book a 4x4 vehicle if you want to see it all, whether you want to watch amazing wildlife, the off beaten paths, the endless horizons or explore the desert that  define this country and its people. You simply have to book a 4x4WD with Habari Africa and we will provide you with a vehicle to suit your requirements. We offer manual and automatic cars depending on your preferences, 4x4s, Airport car hire, and luxury vehicles, SUVs, off the road terrain vehicles, City rentals, and rentals to the most remote virgin areas that are worth exploring for those who think they have seen it all. We provide you with manual or automatic gear box, Self Drive or With Driver car hire options, air conditioning and you’re advised to rent a vehicle with air conditioning as Namibia is a hot country.

Our car hire rates or the quote we provide to you when you book your 4x4 car rental with us includes No hidden costs as the price we quote for you is the price that you pay as costs such as Insurance are included as part of our standard rate and we provide you with our vehicles on unlimited mileage basis.


4x4 Car Rental Namibia.

For your perfect 4x4 car rental in Namibia you’re advised to book with Habari Africa a company that has been in the car hire business for over 7 years in Southern Africa with an unblemished record and repeat clients who trust and appreciate the excellent quality of car hire services that we provide to all our clients (current, prospective and future clients). Our 4x4 rental fleet ranges from luxury vehicles, SUVs, Minivans, luxury buses, passenger vehicles, fully equipped 4x4 car hire vehicles for your off road adventure. You have the choice of fully equipped 4wd Toyota Land cruisers, Toyota Hilux 4x4 campers, Land Rover Defender 4x4s for your most ardent adventure to enjoy a Self drive or With Chauffeur Safari that gives you the flexibility to explore Namibia at your own pace. Our online comparison and quote services are not obligatory so you can always feel free to give it a try. We offer car rental in the major cities of Windhoek, Luderitz, Ondangwa, and Swakopmond. We will collect you or drop you off at Windhoek, International airport or anywhere in Swakopmond.

Popular Must visit Attractions in Namibia.

Check out plenty of must see attractions in Namibia a country with so many places to visit. To mention some of the attractions;

ü  The Namib Desert:-one of the oldest deserts in the world and from which the country’s name was derived.

ü  The Fish River Canyon:-largest canyon in Africa and second in grandeur to the grand canyon in Arizona with incredible scenery and fascinating geology.

ü  Waterberg Plateau Park: - home to the rarest animal species of antelopes, birds, rhinos, sable and buffaloes.

ü  Kalahari Desert: - the sprawling landscape has magnificent sand dunes and is also home to unique species of flora and fauna.

ü  Swakopmund: - a beautiful photographic coastal town that is the biggest in Namibia and a popular beach resort with exciting activities such as Quad biking, sky diving.

ü  Sossusvlei:-A sand dune landscape that offers one of the most breathtaking and exhilarating sights in the world, an allure with its enormous clay pan painted in colors of red, brown and white that makes it picturesque with an ever changing desert landscape more so during sunrise and sunset when the colors of the sand dunes keep on changing.

ü  Kolmanskop; - a ghost town in the Namib Desert which was deserted when the diamond fields were depleted and was ultimately abandoned in 1954.

v  Explore Namibia, from the mystified, dense coast mist, scattered shipwrecks offered by the Skeleton coast, Past the Bushmanland that offers incredible scenery, dune belts, thorny veld and is home to the last true san communities, along the windswept shores of the cold Atlantic ocean and cold Benguela Coast to the many bizarre rock formations, bald granite peaks of Spitzkoppe and the humid forests on the banks of the Zambezi river in Caprivi. Each place holds a story, treasures and memories of its own.

                                                              4x4 self drive tour Namibia.

 Camping in Namibia.

Camping holidays offer an inexpensive alternative to seeing Namibia as many travelers spend most nights camping to keep the expenses from rising. Camping has become very popular and it enables adventurers to discover the untouched parts of Namibia. The country has numerous campsites throughout the region and offers a wide choice of camp sites for experienced campers or first time campers from luxury campsites under shady trees to wild places under a camel thorn tree. Majority camps have facilities such as basins and flush toilets, hot water provided by solar panels or efficient wood burning, a restaurant, swimming pool, splash pool for kids, game drives to mention but a few. The region has over 3,000 camp sites with medley sights sounds and tastes to be savored  that include Hobas camp, Kalizo lodge camp, Waterberg resort, Hobatere camp site, Kalizo lodge camp and so much more.

We would be glad to offer you 4x4 camping equipment comprising of  blankets, pillows, gas bottles, ground tent or roof tent, gas cooker, gas light, camping chairs, camping table, cooking utensils, mattresses, barbeque grill at a rate of US$40 per day for 2 pax. All you have to do is state clearly when inquiring the name of the camp, dates, number of persons, age of children by the time of arrival(if any), type of accommodation required. We can provide you with 4x4 camping equipment along with your 4x4 Safari camper Vehicle.

We also provide you with additional camping equipment which comprises of an Engel fridge/freezer, Electric compressor: Air compressor for tyres, Extra tools package; - pressure gauge, tow rope, tool box, fuses, fire extinguisher, first aid kit. Standard tools comprising of; spare wheel jack, wheel spanner, wheel lever, 3x v-belt, danger triangle.

 4x4 safari camping vehicles in Namibia.


Essential Driving and Safety tips for your 4x4 WD Namibia trip.

Ø  Familiarize yourself with all the technical features of your vehicle and when hiring a 4x4 insist that the rental company staff explains all aspects of the vehicle before driving off.

Ø  Seat belts should be worn at all times.

Ø  If you’re planning a camping tour and carrying camping equipment u will need to rent a larger vehicle.

Ø  Route planning is very important as Namibia is a vast country with many gravel roads that should be travelled with lights on as dust can blur your vision and also has tar roads that are well maintained.

Ø  Always drive on your left hand side of the road even on deserted dirty roads. The speed limit is 120km/hr on open roads, 60km/hr in towns, gravel roads 80km/hr.

Ø  The air pressure of the car tyres should be the recommended pressure, the tyre tread should run off evenly.

Ø  Make sure you have the right driver’s license and an international license when you’re driving in Namibia.

Ø  Make sure you have a road side emergency first aid kit in your car.

Ø  Ensure that you have more than enough fuel to get you to your destination or the next filing station.

Ø  Keep your vehicle locked at all times and items in the car should be placed out of sight so as not to attract thieves.

Ø  Ensure that you rent a 4x4 vehicle with a suitably high ground clearance for example an SUV or 4x4 if you intend to travel to remote areas such as the Namib Desert, Twyfelfontein, Keetmanshoop and Kalahari Desert.

Ø  Highly advised to do a 2hr long 4x4 driving course for those people who will travel in off road difficult terrain.



Our 4x4 Safari rental fleet and camper vehicles.

Habari Africa car rental company offers a wide spectrum of 4x4 wd rental vehicles, self drive rentals, Self drive Safari campers in Namibia and these include:-Toyota Land cruiser Pop Top, Nissan Double and single cabs, Ford Ranger luxury camper, Toyota Hilux Bush camper, Toyota Land cruiser Bush camper, Toyota Land cruiser Double cab, Toyota Fortuner 4x4, Land Rover Defender 4x4, Land Rover Discovery 4x4. Our luxury fleet includes: - Chevrolet Aveo, Toyota Corolla, and Honda Accord suitable for city rentals. These vehicles are offered fully equipped with all the amenities you require as well as additional equipment, they are easy to drive, have the most capable and hard wearing 4x4, have long range fuel tanks and have great track records. We also provide cross boarder car hire services to neighboring Southern Africa countries although cross boarder surcharges apply. In Namibia you may pick up pr drop off your car rental in Windhoek or in any major Namibian city.

Simply contact us for your no obligation 4x4 car hire in Namibia for your extra ordinary and unforgettable experience of a life time  in the land of the brave and discover  the unexplored areas of Namibia in a fully equipped 4x4wd Safari vehicle allowing you the freedom to visit the off beaten track destinations of Namibia.

         4x4 wheel drive Safari vehicle Namibia.

Contact us for your fully equipped 4x4wd Safari Self drive or with professional English Driver competitive rental car quote at   +256.782.014.207 OR +256.392.897.704   OR +44790.863.9450    Email: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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