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Habari Africa is a car rental specialist company offering a variety of 4x4 car hire options including self drive and with chauffeur driven rentals at the cheapest, most budget friendly and competitive 4x4 rental rates. Reserve a car that suits your budget and rental requirements online on carhireandholidays.com. We provide you with a wide range of vehicle choices ranging from luxury 4x4 cars, economy rentals, town running vehicles, off terrain rentals, cheap 4wd rentals, saloon cars, buses, group mini bus vehicles.

Our major aim is to provide the most efficient, effective and economy car hire services in Ethiopia offering value for your money as the vehicles are availed at the most unbeatable and non obligatory car hire rates and quotes on the market. Simply enquire using our hassle free online booking process and secure your perfect rental that meets your travel requirements for a memorable travel experience in Ethiopia.

We operate a wide fleet of vehicles available for hire at the most affordable rates and these include:-Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4, Toyota Hiace 10 seater, a Coaster bus suitable for group travels. Rent a car with one of our professional drivers at the wheels and explore the diverse beauty of Ethiopia.

We have available on self drive a Toyota 4x4 subject to status and rental terms offered at the very best competitive daily rates. Rent this self drive car and take your trip wherever you desire. Whether you’re visiting friends or relatives, touring Ethiopia or travelling for business, renting a self drive car guarantees flexibility and freedom to travel wherever you wish at your own desired pace.

All our 4x4 vehicles are well maintained, regularly serviced, clean, and comfortable, in good mechanical condition, attractively priced and we have vehicles ideal for the different Ethiopia roads i.e. on road and off terrain vehicles. The vehicles are offered on unlimited mileage basis, fully insured, 3rd party liability claim and all rates are quoted exclusive of fuel. Comprehensive insurance can be provided at an additional cost.

Feel free to pick up or drop off your rental car anywhere in Addis Ababa or at Addis Ababa Airport at no extra fee.

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To secure your non obligatory car rental quotes call or email us on Mob: +256-782 014 207, UK: +44 790 863 9450, UK Land line: +44 208 765 1058 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Ethiopia known as the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is located in East Central Africa bordered by Kenya to the South, Eritrea to the North, Djibouti to the North East, West by Sudan, Somalia to the South West and Sudan in the West.

Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia and it occupies the 4th position for being one the highest capital cities in the world. Ethiopia is also credited for having a variety of high mountains due to its high altitude with the highest mountain known as Ras Dashan.

Christianity is the major religious denomination in Ethiopia since it dates back to having been adopted in the 4th century making Ethiopia the 2nd oldest Christian nation after Armenia. Ethiopia is believed to have a population of approximately 96,633, 458 people as of 2014. Of these 43.5% are Orthodox, Protestants 18.5%, 33.9% Muslims, 0.7% Catholics, others 0.6%, with the remaining 2.7% being traditional belief followers.

The popular ethnic groups and tribes in Ethiopia include: - Oromo who make up 34.4% of the total population, followed by the Amhara (Amara) who comprise 27% of the population. Other races include the Somali (Somalie), Tigray (Tigirinya), Gurage and the Sidama.

Ethiopia is the only African country with its own alphabet and it also has a 13 months calendar year making it the only country in the world to celebrate New Year in September. Ethiopians measure time differently and this might be confusing at first, both noon and midnight is 6 o’clock, the sunset is 12, and sunrise is 1 o’clock.


Ethiopia has a number of Airports including domestic airports, international Airports, private Airports, military airports among others. Some of these Airports have regularly scheduled flights while others don’t. Ethiopia Airports include:-Bole International Airport(ADD) situated in Addis Ababa and it’s the primary, largest, busiest and most important Airport in Ethiopia, Yilma International Airport, Dire Dawa Airport, Mena Airport, Gondar Airport, Makale Airport, Bahar Dar Airport, Lalibela Airport, Axum Airport, Gambela Airport, Awassa Airport, Arba Mintch Airport, Bulchi Airport, Buno Bedelle Airport, Beica Airport, Mui Airport, Tippi Airport, Mena Airport and Asmara International Airport among others.

 Reserve all your affordable and discounted Airport transfer rentals to and from most Ethiopian Airports of your choice online on carhireandholidays.com for your unforgettable airport car hire experience in Ethiopia.


Ethiopia has both domestic and international airlines serving its different Airports and these offer flights to both local and international destinations. These airlines offer cheap flight deals to and from Ethiopia to most destinations including:- United Kingdom, Turkey, United States of America, South Africa, Dubai, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Namibia, Japan, Namibia, Germany, France. Domestic destinations include flights to Laibera, Bahar Dar, Makale, Axum, Dire Dawa and Gondar. These Airlines include: - Ethiopia Airlines, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Kenya Airways, Rwanda Air, Trans National Airways, National Airways Ethiopia and Aberd Air among others.


Nationals of the following countries are supposed to apply for a visa before being granted entry into Ethiopia:- Belgium, Botswana, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ghana, Portugal, Romania, Chile, Chad, Germany, Canada, Bahamas, Japan, Israel, Hungary, Hong Kong, Algeria, Antigua, Angola, Benin, United Kingdom, United States of America, Brazil, Burkina Faso, France and Egypt among others.

Nationals of the following countries can apply for a visa upon arrival into Ethiopia:- Comoros, Djibouti, Madagascar, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Togo, Thailand, Rwanda, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Tuvalu, Mauritius, Mauritania, Bolivia, Palau and Laos.

Visas are not required for Nationals of the following countries before entering Ethiopia:-Dominica, Haiti, Philippines, Singapore, Micronesia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

A  30 days single entry visa obtained on arrival in Ethiopia costs US$50, 3 months single entry visa US$70, 3 months Multiple entry US$70, 6 months Multiple entry US$100.

Nationals of the United States of America can apply for a single or multiple entry tourist visa valid for 2yrs at a fee of US$70.

Transit Visas can be purchased depending on the number of hours you intend to stay before boarding to your final destinations. Transit visas are valid for a minimum of 3 days (72 hours).

Visitors should have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months; the passport should have enough blank pages for necessary stamps.


The Ethiopia Birr is the official and national currency of Ethiopia, denoted by currency code ETB, currency symbol Br. The USD to ETB rate is the most popular exchange rate in Ethiopia. The National Bank of Ethiopia is the central bank responsible for printing and controlling money in circulation. The Bank notes in Ethiopia comprise of 1 birr, 5 birr, 10 birr, 50 birr and 100 birr with Ethiopia and Eritrea being the users of this Birr currency.

Approximately 1USD=20.5134ETB, 1 EURO=22.8549ETB, 1 GBP=31.0490ETB, 1 CAN=16.9758ETB. It’s advisable to change your currency to the Ethiopia Birr upon reaching Ethiopia to make it easy to make daily purchases and to facilitate payment for simple transactions, though payment in Dollars, Euros and Pounds is accepted at most big hotels and petrol stations.

For better exchange rates, make use of foreign exchange Bureaus found in big towns like Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa. You can also exchange your money at most banks and at the foreign exchange Bureaus at Addis Ababa Airport though the rates tend to be poor compared to those offered by forex bureaus in the city.


Ethiopia has over 80 different languages with English and Oromo being some of the official languages. Oromo is the official working language in Oromiya spoken by 33.8% of the population, Amharic spoken by 29.3% of the people is also a national language. English is commonly used as a language of instruction in schools, higher levels of education and for commercial transactions

Children are taught in their local languages until the age of 12 and then from there onwards all lessons are carried out in English. Other languages spoken in Ethiopia include;-Hadiyya, Opuyo, Sidamo, Tigirinya, Kafa, Arabic and Wolayita among others.



One of the most famous beverages in the whole world, coffee, was first discovered in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia and it’s a favourite of most locals and a must try out by visitors.

Injera a spongy kind of bread is the staple food in Ethiopia and it’s made from a grain known as Teff believed to have originated from Ethiopia. The injera is usually enjoyed with the national Ethiopian dish referred to as “Wat” which can also be eaten accompanied by beef (sega Wat), vegetables, chicken (doro Wat) and this can be made tastier by  a butter called nitteh kibbeh and spices.


Ethiopia is a compelling, amazing, breathtaking, must visit tourist destination and is considered one of the true gems in Africa famously known for its gorgeous landscapes, exciting cultural heritages with 9 UNESCO heritage sites.

Explore stunning and awesome Ethiopia National Parks such as Simien National Park, Awash National Park a reserve with tourist highlights such as the Awash River which is one of the main rivers in Africa, the spectacular and magnificent Awash Falls. Other National Parks include:- Mago National Park harbouring wildlife such as elephants, Kudu, buffaloes, lions, leopards and Burchell’s Zebras, Omo National Park famous for being home to a variety of birds and wildlife including cheetahs, giraffes, elands, buffalos, lions and elephants among others and Gambala National Park that is home to over 812 bird species.

The best time to visit the Ethiopia National parks is during the dry period when animals tend to congregate around the few available water sources. Travel to these amazing National parks guarantees an unforgettable wilderness experience in Ethiopia.

Other attractions and destinations in Ethiopia worth exploring include: - the gorgeous Blue Nile Falls- the best time to visit these stunning and spectacular falls being August to September, the unique still culturally uninfluenced Omo Valley, the thrilling and awesome Bale Mountains guaranteeing breathtaking mountain scenery and offers exciting hiking and horse trekking opportunities, the compelling capital city of Ethiopia Addis Ababa, the magnificent Aksumite Obelisks found in Aksum, the beautiful Simien Mountains, Royal Enclosure of Gondar and the shimmering Lake Tana.

Complete your Ethiopia tour by checking out attractions such as the impressive ancient city of Harrar famously known for being home to about 99 mosques, don’t miss out the magical views of the geological Danakil Depression, trek the hilly Lalibera region, visit the Lalibera World Cultural centre, church of St.George, South Omo Research Centre Museum, the National Museum in Addis Ababa and the city of Gondar.

Travel to Ethiopia and discover the hidden gems this country has that make it a must visit travel destination. Simply contact us online at carhireandholidays.com to reserve all your cheap tour packages, luxury tours, affordable vehicle hire in Ethiopia at the most competitive rates and quotes.

To secure a booking call or email us on Mob: +256-782 014 207, UK: +44 790 863 9450, UK Land line: +44 208 765 1058 email: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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