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About Botswana.

Botswana is a southern African country with one of the lowest population densities in the world and has approximately 70% of its land covered by the Kalahari Desert. Botswana is blessed with vibrant cities such as Maun, Francistown, Nata and Gaborone that have several enchanting malls and marvelous hang out places and cinemas. Botswana’s beauty lies in its deep cultural heritage and diversity, wilderness, prominent salt pans, unique rock art, geological beauties, diamond rich deserts, teeming wildlife and traditional art and is endowed with natural beauties that offer an enchanting lost in time atmosphere that wows its land and makes Botswana a must visit country on everyone’s list.

Botswana Climate.

Botswana has semi arid climatic conditions with a rainy season characterized by heavy down pour that is often followed by strong sunshine that runs through the summer months but it’s hot and dry for most time of the year. Botswana seasons are as follows:

The wet season which usually lasts from November to April is known as the summer with November and December having an occasional rainfall shower and relatively cooler temperatures, November is unpredictable as it can sometimes be the continuation of the October hotness or cooling down with the first rains.

 January and February are the wettest months characterized by high humidity levels, the bush is thick, torrential rainfall totals and sometimes this can go on for several days. It’s an ideal time for Bird watching and these are regarded as peak rainfall months. March is often is made of sunny and dry days.

The dry season lasts from April to October and this season is termed as the winter period characterized by cold winds, sunshine levels are high, low humidity levels, high temperatures more so in September and October. This period serves as the best time for visitors to explore teeming wildlife as during this period animals tend to concentrate around the few available water sources such as waterholes, rivers, boreholes fed dams and are at their most visible.

Botswana National parks and Game reserves.

Botswana is a land endowed with plenty of shimmering wildlife of varied species. If you’re an elephant enthusiast Moremi Game Reserve is the ideal place for you to view the best elephant species Botswana offers. Also check out Chobe National park which lies in the Okavango Delta with the Savuti marsh offering some of the highest concentrations of wildlife,Mxai Pan National Park covered in wonderful sand dunes, salt pans which when flooded are home to birds and wildlife that offer an excellent view for  tourists to view these animals. Do not leave out Mokolodi Game reserve  a private  reserve dedicated to conservation education and is a good epic to spot white Rhinos, offers camping facilities, walks, game drives, Moremi Game reserve with over 500 unrivaled bird species, Wild hogs and the Big Five both black and white rhinos can easily be spotted through your binoculars. Others include Erindi Game Reserve, Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Gemsbok National Park that harbor  amazing  and excellent viewing opportunities for wildlife species such as Zebras, rhinos, wildebeest, heartbeest, leopard, brown hyena, gemsbok, jackal, water bucks, hippos.

Botswana as a holiday destination.

Explore Botswana from the unique reputed, largest inland delta with spectacular scenic beauty and clear water ways that sustain phenomenal numbers of crocodiles, water bucks, meeting place of dry and wetland popularly referred to as the Okavango Delta through the Tsodilo Hills depicting hunting scenes, hiking, dances and a spiritual art gallery with over 4000 ancient San rock paintings into the Tuli Block a beautiful private land with several riverine forests, massive baobab trees also endowed with massive herds of lions, leopards, cheetah, Marvel at Serwe pan a large depression with several waterholes located in the Kalahari desert, opt to experience the Kalahari desert with barely no vegetation and finally you can enjoy fishing on Thamalakane River, visit crocodiles, camps, swimming, sunset boat cruises along the buffalo fence.

 Visa requirements.

All visitors to Botswana need a valid passport but some nationalities are not required to have visas. British Nationals do not need a visa to enter Botswana for stays up to 90 days and if you want to extend your stay you must seek an extension from the Department of Immigration.

Passport validity should be for a minimum period of 6months from the date you enter into Botswana. You’re advised that you at least have 2 blank pages in your passport before any international travel more so if you’re travelling through South Africa, these blank un used pages in your passport allow for unexpected stamps upon arrival or departure.

Documents required for the Botswana visa include; a completed immigration supplementary Form D by the applicant, Letter of support from the host, valid passport, 2 identical passport photos, return visa or residence permit from his/her country of residence, all visitors should have a return air ticket.

Depending on one’s nationality and type of visa applied for, it usually takes 5-14 days to issue a visa. A confirmation letter is required if the person is travelling for business from his/her country.

All visitors travelling from yellow fever infested areas are required to present a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

U.S citizens requiring passport services including new passport application and renewal can contact Visa HQ for assistance and help.

Consult with your airline for connecting oversea flights incase transit visas are required as passing through some countries to your final destination may necessitate presentation of a separate transit visa.


The national currency for Botswana is the Pula and the most popular Botswana Pula exchange rate is the BWP to USD rate and the currency symbol is P. the frequently used currency in Botswana, coins;- 50thebe, 1,2,5 pula, bank notes:-10, 20,50,100 and 200 pula. Many of the big lodges, filing stations often accept US$ although some do accept credit cards. However small operators for example hawkers, small shops often accept Pula. A number of forex offices exist in all the big towns and border towns such as Gaborone, Nata, Kasane, Maun and here it’s easy to exchange your money.

Be very careful when using your credit card to purchase or to pay. You can opt to draw cash from an ATM instead of exchanging cash but endeavor to stock back up USD cash with you as ATM machines may go down or even run out of money. Withdrawal a reasonable amount of cash and try to use all your Pula before you leave Botswana.

Flights to Botswana.

Fly over to Botswana and explore this remarkable country with a vast collection of superb and enchanting wildlife and landscapes, you can enjoy wonderful scenery comfortably relaxing in your seat. You can   opt to travel First class or Economy, all that matters is that you arrive to Botswana in style. Botswana flight destinations include Francistown Airport that offers nonstop flights to 2 cities, flights to Maun, Shakawe, Ngoma, Kasane, Gaborone, and Nata with Gaborone being the top flight destination. Botswana has 16 airports; the four main airports are Sir Seretse Khama International Airport found North of Gaborone, Kasane Airport which offers nonstop flights to 3 cities, Maun Airport- most tourists fly into this airport, Francistown Airport. Flights are offered from one Southern Africa country to another e.g. from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Botswana through Botswana gateway airports – Francistown Airport. Airline carriers such as Air Botswana offer direct and indirect flights to international and domestic destinations. All foreign visitors should carry and have a return ticket.

Self Drive 4x4 Car Hire.

On touching base in Botswana, Habari Africa would be honored to offer you an economy, efficient and comfortable vehicle to your hotel or to your desired holiday destination. We can also avail you a car rental to your business meeting, visiting friends, out camping. All you have to do is fill in our online booking form or email us for your perfect car rental in Botswana providing you with the means to unearth Botswana’s hidden treasures creating a holiday of a life time.

Our car hire locations in Botswana include:-Francistown, Okavango Delta, Gaborone, North West District, Maun, and Kasane. We offer  Airport car hire and our car rental pick up locations include Kang airport, Kanye airport, Ghanzi Airport, Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, Kasane Airport,Tsabong, Gweta, Nata  to mention but a few.

Our 4x4 off road rental fleet includes Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Discovery, Nissan single cab, Nissan single cab 4x4 campers, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Fortuner, Nissan Double cab, Toyota Land cruiser. Hire a 4x4 for easy access to remote places such as Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve. We offer value for your money through offering economy, efficiency and effective car rental deals that guarantee that you receive the best rental offering on the market.

Camping in Botswana.

We can also provide you with a variety of fully equipped4x4 camping vehicles to camping grounds and areas such as Rivernook camp ground, Kuzuma camp, camp sites at Moremi National park, Okavango Delta, Tuli Block among others. Most tourist destinations in Botswana are endowed with camping facilities and lodges.

Our 4x4 camping rental vehicles include:- 2 Berth Camper, Toyota Hilux Bush camper, Toyota Land cruiser Bush camper, Ford Ranger Luxury Camper, Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 . These camper vehicles offer excellent performance, reliability, good ground clearance ideal for game viewing, excellent fuel economy, power steering, manual transmission, Air conditioning and Radio –CD.


Essential safety measures when Camping;-

Follow and abide by information, guidelines offered by wildlife offices and only camp in designated campsites.

When leaving the city for your camping trip, carry enough food that will take you through out your stay. Also ensure that you’ve carried extra water with you at least 20litres of water per person.

Carry enough fuel in your 4x4 camper vehicle at least 100litres of fuel in long range tanks and take spare wheels and other spare vehicle parts with you in case of breakdowns. Anything can happen on these trips; it doesn’t hurt to be equipped in case something goes wrong as a common saying goes ‘fore armed is fore warned’.

Ensure that your tent zips up well and avoid your legs and arms protruding through the tent as dangerous animals such as hyenas and elephants that are not easily scared away by lit fires may attack you and cause you harm.

Put out your campfire after use and ensure that it’s well extinguished at the end of the evening to avoid fire outbreaks.

Avoid sleeping on animal paths and take caution on bathing in still waters as there is a danger of contracting Bilharzia and other water borne diseases.

Take extra caution about never leaving children alone in the camp site and avoid straying far from the campsite unless with a qualified guide.

4x4 camping equipment.

Our 4x4 camping equipment that can be provided along with your 4x4 camper include:-Ground tents, Eezi Awn rooftop tents, jerry can holders, gas cylinder holiday, 60litre water tank, fold up table, camp chairs, battery powered lamp, torch , axe, spade, first aid kit, blankets, pillows, full kitchen ware, sleeping bags, camp shower and collapsible basin and so much more. Our safari equipment  include:- dual battery system, basic tool kit, long range fuel tank, tow strap, puncture repair kit, jumper cables and satellite phone. The camping equipment will be provided to you at a surcharge of 40US$ per day for 2 pax.

Contact us today for your fully equipped 4x4 camping vehicle for your ardent and perfect camping experience.

Driving and Safety Tips in Botswana.

ü  Most of the roads in Botswana are gravel roads and only a quarter of the country’s roads are paved. The gravel roads are usually hard to drive so you’re advised to reduce your speed and watch out for animals crossing roads, watch out for dusty roads as it can obscure your vision and might lead to accidents.

ü  Make sure you have decent clearance height on your 4x4 rental and ensure that you rent the right vehicle that can handle the luggage you’re carrying with you and right for the number of people you’re travelling with.

ü  Keep safe following distance and avoid over speeding, speed limit is 120km/hr on tarred roads, 60km/hr in towns and villages. On gravel and difficult terrain roads you’re advised to maintain a speed limit of 40km/hr or lower for your personal safety.

ü  Drive on the left hand side of the road at all times, all vehicles are right hand drive, drive with seat belts properly secured to avoid police fines and for your  own safety.

ü  Beware of animals crossing and wandering onto roads and when driving in national parks take extra caution and watch out for animals roaming around, recommended speed in game parks is 40km/hr.


 Contact us for your 4x4 car hire, 4x4 camper vehicle,4x4 camping safari equipment, 4x4 off terrain vehicle, city car rental, car hire to the most popular Botswana destinations and we won’t mind going an extra mile to find and provide you with the most competitive rental quote for your most enchanting and spectacular holiday of a lifetime that will leave you with memories to smile over during old age and with stories that you will narrate to all those you left at home that will inspire them to choose Botswana as their next vacation spot.

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