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        4X4 Wheeled drive car rentals Togo, self drive cars Togo, cheap discounted car hire rates to all Togo destination, with driver Togo car hire, economy and budget Togo self drive rental rates, Lome 4x4 self drive car hire, competitive Airport transfers, car hire rates Lome International Airport.

 Habari Africa is an independent self drive car rental provider to all Togo destinations and we will be very glad to serve you anywhere in Togo. If you’re traveling to Togo for business or pleasure, visiting friends or for your Togo safari, we have the right vehicle for you, economy 4x4 cars, compact 4x4s, luxury 4x4s, budget 4x4 rentals, minivans, SUVs, private 4x4 cars, 4x4 wagons, off terrain 4x4 self drive cars, 4x4 sedans. We have your car rental needs covered, be it a rental lease, one way car hire, two way car rental, long term car hire, short term rental leases, airport transfers, hotel transfers. We search for the most competitive car hire prices and provide you with nothing but the best car hire quotes on the market.

 Togo car rental locations.

For your Togo self drive or with driver car hire we provide a variety of car rental locations guaranteeing flexibility to receive your car anywhere in Togo as we can deliver to you your car rental wherever you choose. Popular car rental locations in Togo include but are not limited to the following:-

  •  Lome International Airport, Lome down town, Lome Sarakawa Hotel, Lome city. Lome Mercure Sarakawa.
  •      Agbodrafo, Badou, Aneho, Dapaong, Tsevie, Baguida.
  •     Togoville, Sokode, Bassar
  •      Notse.
  •     Kara
  •      kpalime
  •     Atakpame.

    Vehicle pickup and drop off would be in the major city of Togo, Lome. Feel free to pick up or drop off your self- drive 4x4 rentals anywhere and we will definitely deliver it to you in Time though it might attract additional surcharges.

                    4X4 SELF DRIVE VEHICLES TOGO.

         We operate a large fleet of 4x4 automatic and mechanical vehicles, off road 4x4s, standard 4x4 cars, camping trucks, discounted long term 4x4s, 4x4 private vehicles, 4x4 sedans, and minivans, small, medium and large cars. These vehicles are new or near brand new models, modern, fuel economy, clean, 100% back up support, air conditioned, fully serviced, reliable 4x4s, budget friendly, reliable 4x4s, off beaten track 4x4s and they are provided at the most competitive and economical car hire rates on the market.

 Our well maintained 4x4 rental fleet includes:- Suburban, sedans, Toyota Hilux single and double cabs, Toyota single and double cabs, Nissan Navarra, Nissan single and double cabs, Land Rover Freelander, Toyota Rav 4, Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4, Range Rover 4x4, Nissan sunny, Toyota Hiace mini bus. These vehicles are offered either self drive or with professional English drivers who have driving experience records of over 15years delivering proficient driving services to discerning and ardent travellers and know all the corners and destinations in Togo at the tip of their hands.

                                                       self drive or with driver Togo car hire.

Camping in Togo.

For your Togo camper vehicle, we provide you with plenty of options to choose from and these include:- Toyota Hilux bush camper, Discover Funx2 Berth 4x4, Toyota Land cruiser 4x4 bush camper. These camping vehicles are provided either fully equipped or unequipped campers. We can provide you with camping equipment at a fee of 30US$ for 2 people per day. Togo camping sites range from basic campsites, public, private, special campsites  and they usually have amenities such as modern and clean showers, cafe and restaurants, private beaches, rental boats, cleared area, fire ring, vault toilets, water, electric fence, plenty of open space, garbage dumpsters and water. Camping grounds in Togo include: - Vulcano, Isole Eolie camping grounds in Togo Togo situated near the spectacular bay, idyllic beach sands and is a paradise camp that is worth a visit. You can also camp at the Bungalow village more so at camping bar Bungalows and there are also plenty of campsites at Togo Horse camp grounds.


   Togo spectacular attractions that you should check out include: - Lome- the bubbling, vibrant capital renowned for its remarkable and grandiose architectural buildings and has impeccable highlights such as Port Lome, Marche des Feticheurs- a fetish market that is well known throughout the country. Know more about the Congolese culture by paying a visit to the National Museum situated in Lome with exciting exhibits such as wood carvings and musical instruments. Lome is also credited for its elegant shops and restaurants, exciting nightlife and it’s the biggest and most economical center in the country.

 Other destinations worth exploring include: - Lake Togo, Agbodrafo renowned for its remarkable slave houses, spiritual Togoville- known for its voodoo temples, Aneho- the first capital of Togo, Badou blessed with spectacular cascading waterfalls, Atakpame- a place that guarantees peace of mind and has 7 stunning hills worth spotting, Kara – this beautiful city is the 2nd largest city in Togo and it has amazing markets and panoramic Kabye mountains providing hiking and trailing opportunities. Also explore the remnants of iron working in Bussar, diversified Sokode city.


Togo features both domestic and international airports offering flights to a variety of destinations both domestic and international.

Togo Airports include: - Tokoin Airport/Gnassingbe Eyadema International Airport/ Lome Airport offering nonstop flights to 17 cities, 350 international flights and at least 10 domestic flights every week, Kolokope Airport, Akpaka Airport, Djangou Airport, Sansanne- Mango Airport, Sokode Airport and Niamtougou International Airport. Habari Africa can provide you with self drive or with chauffeur airport transfers from any airport of your choice at discounted car rental offers.

 Togo has 12 airlines both local and international airlines servicing its airports. Togo airlines include:- Royal Air Marco, Ethiopian Airlines, SKY, Air Burkina, Air France, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, Brussels Airlines, Air Cote d’lvoire and Togo top flight routes  and destinations include:- Chicago, New York, Denver, Abidjan, Paris, Dakar, Liege, Lagos, Ouagadougou, Contonour, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Miami and Washington. Book your cheap, discounted and budget flight to Togo today with Habari Africa a company that ascertains that you receive the best and most competitive flight deals on the market. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for your last minute flight packages and deals, discounted and budget plane tickets, first class tickets, business or economy plane tickets, business flight deals, vacation flight packages and deals.

 Call us or email us for your cross border car rental to Nigeria, Ghana, Chad, Burkina Faso, Benin and Cameroon. With our discounted cross border car hire rates you can seamlessly travel from one Western Africa country to another e.g. from Yaoundé(Cameroon)- N’djamena(Chad)- Abuja( Nigeria)-  Porto Novo( Benin)- Lome ( Togo)- Accra( Ghana)- Ouagadougou ( Burkina Faso), we can design a combined travel itinerary for a tour of West Africa for your most exhilarating and thrilling holiday in Western Africa. Book your competitive Togo car rental, accommodation in Togo, flight deals today with Habari Africa your trusted all round Travel Company that gives the needs of its clients’ first priority.

 Contact us for your perfect 4x4 unlimited mileage vehicle that is also comprehensively insured for your Togo safari holiday now on +256.782.014.207 OR +256.392.897.704 OR +44790.863.9450 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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