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If you are thinking of a safari to Tanzania and require a safari holiday car for hire, we have the perfect car rental solution for you. Since 2007,we have been providing self drive and with driver 4x4 car hire solutions to visitors to Tanzania. We have a range of rental cars for one to choose from, including Land Cruiser 4x4, Land Rover Defender 110 4x4, Land Rover Discovery Tdis 4x4, Toyota Noah 4x4, Toyota Prado 4x4, Totota Land Cruiser VX 4x4, Toyota Rav 4 4x4, Suzuki Escudo 4x4, and extended safari Land Cruiser 7 seater which come with our drivers.

Our 4x4 car rental bases are located in Arusha, Dar es salaam, and Kilimanjaro. However we deliver 4x4 rental vehicles both self drive and with drivers to all major towns, ports and airports in Tanzania. Cross border rentals into Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda can be arranged on request, and on payment of a delivery/return fee.

Tanzania is a long established safari holiday destination and a dream safari destination. A self drive 4x4 is the best way of having a safari in Tanzania, but we also provide driver guides for visitors to Tanzania who want to travel in a relaxed style while on safari to the Tanzania wild.

Top 10  Tanzania safari destinations

1. Ngorongoro Crater
2. Serengeti National Park
3. Zanzibar
4. Tarangire National Park
5. Lake Manyara National Park
6. Mt. Kilimanjaro
7. Selous Game Reserve
8. Ruaha National Park
9. Mafia Island
10. Mt. Meru

Top Things To Do while on Safari Holiday in Tanzania

Lake Manyara National Park

Pick up a self drive 4x4 or a 4x4 with driver and explore Lake Manyara Park Tanzania. Enjoy great views of Lake Manyara as you  drive up the steep  Rift Valley enroute  to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. You may have a stopover to marvel stop at the beautiful flamingos. Lake Manyara hosts the famous  tree-climbing lions while one can easily spot elephants while on a day or night game drive in the park's many acacia and fig trees.

Bull Fighting

The Tanzania island of Pemba is famous  for its traditional sport of bull fighting. Unlike ibull fighting in other parts of the world, the Tanzania Pemba version  does not involve slaughter of the bulls, but it is a sport adopted from the  days of Portuguese rule in the 16th and 17th centuries.


The waters off Tanzania’s coast are favourite locations for  sport and recreation fishing, best done from Mafia Island. Big enviable fish catches have been recorded here, including shark, barracuda, marlin and snapper. For avid fishing enthusiasts boats and tackle are available for rent from the lodges on Mafia island.

Game drives in Tarangire National Park

Explore and have game drives in Tarangire National Park which is located  only 130kms from Arusha and 8km . Game drives in Tarangire park are very rewarding and one is assured of spotting a range of wildlife and animals while on  a game drive here. The Tarangire River is a favourite joint for wildebeests, zebras, elands and elephants. You will be sure to spot plenty of them when you have a game drive through the park. Have plenty of photo storage space on your digital camera as there will be plenty of photo shooting opportunities from the comfort of your self drive 4x4 or why don't sit back and take photos while your experienced driver guide spots the wildlife and game for you.

Hot air ballooning

Why not leave the comfort of the safari 4x4 vehicle and enjoy the awesome aerial views of the Serengeti and it's game rich environs from the comfort and luxury of a hot air balloon safari holiday.The expansive African wild of the Serengeti  springs to life in the early hours of the morning when the beautiful sun is just about coming to life for the day. Exploring the Serengeti park from high above the sky in  a hot air balloon is one of life's most amazing experiences ever while on an African safari holiday. The great annual wildbeest migration followed by their chasing in pursuit predators, from November to May of each year, would be the best time to experience a hot air balloon ride.

Mount Meru

When in Tanzania on a safari tour, you can hire one of our 4x4 vehicles and explore the slopes of Mount Meru situated in Arusha National Park. Mounte Meru is one  of the most easily accessible safari destinations in Tanzania where one can view a wide range of game and wildlife including buffalo, giraffe, black and white colobus monkey and warthog. In addition Arusha National Park is one of the few Tanzanian parks where walking safaris are allowed. For adventure safari visitors to Tanzania there is a 3-day  mountain trek to the summit of Mount Meru which although less publicized  that the summiting of Mountain Kilimanjaro, is an equally challenging and cheaper adventure safari option.

Mwenge Carvers’ Market

This unique carver's market is situated a comfortable and convenient  8kms north of Dar es Salaam the capital city of Tanzania. The market is located on the way to the sandy northern beaches of Tanzania, within easy reach if you are self driving and require to buy some handicrafts for loved ones back home. Most of the crafts items are made from dark shiny ebony.For any visitor seeking to buy the popular Makonde wood carvings, be sure to stop by Mwenge Carver's Market – the Makonde tribes of southern Tanzania are renowned for perhaps being the finest carvers in Africa.

Ngorongoro crater safari holiday.
No safari or tour of Tanzania would be considered complete without a self drive safari or with driver guided safaris of The Ngorongoro Crater.  The famous world heritage Ngorongoro Crater is a staggering  610m  deep, 20km wide and covering 311 sq km . Ngorongoro Crater is without doubt the largest  caldera in the world. Among many of Tanzania’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Ngorongoro crater is immensely packed with almost every species of African plains mammal  while at the same time boasting the presence of the mostt lion population in Africa. Holiday Safaris whether self drive or guided tours to the crater are most times combined with safari tours of  the Serengeti National Park.

Ruaha River Gorge

The Ruaha River is situated in the Ruaha National Park and hosts  enviable flora, fauna and an abundance of beautiful scenery. Ruaha National Park is Tanzania’s  2nd largest and wildest park. The Ruaha is widely believed to have an  exceptionally large herds of elephants, buffalo and over 400 birds species.

Safari Tour in the Serengeti

A safari to Africa cannot be compelete without visiting  Africa's most famous National Park-The Serengeti . Lose yourself in the most exciting African safari experience in the expansive Serengeti National Park. Whether on a self drive Tanzania safari or a guided tour holiday of Tanzania, The Serengeti is a must visit and inclusion on your Tanzania safari list – especially during the famous wildebeest migration (November to May). Up Close and personal viewings of  the ‘big five’ (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino) are almost always guaranteed.


Scuba diving is another Tanzania special  hosting activity. The awesome marine life around the coral islands of Zanzibar and Pemba make the beautiful islands a most ideal place to indulge in scuba-diving and snorkelling. The islands boast numerous scuba diving locations which are thankfully  protected  and gazetted as marine national parks and reserves.

Selous Game Reserve

We invite you to visit the Selous Game Reserve when you choose Tanzania as your safari destination. You are guaranteed a  truly remote off the beaten track game and wildlife adventure,  in the Selous Game Reserve. Selous Game Reserve is another Tanzania UNESCO World Heritage Site that covers about 1/6th of Tanzania’s land surface, making it one of the largest game reserves in the world. The Selous is famous for hosting an exceptionally large elephant herds.

Spice plantation tours

Visit Zanzibar Island for a sampling of a range of spices on sale here.

Stone Town

Hire a self drive 4x4 from Habari Car rentals and explore Stone Town and the rest of Zanzibar island. We also offer guided tours of Spice Islands-Zanzibar.Zanzibar’s Stone Town was the main centre  of the ancient spice trade of East Africa. It was ruled by Shirazi Persians, the Portuguese, the Omani Arabs and British colonials. Zanzibar Island is one of Tanzania's UNESCO World Heritage Site  and remains a highly visited town with  narrow, winding streets lined with exotic shops, bazaars, colonial mansions, mosques and squares.

Zanzibar’s beaches

Zanzibar is a relaxing holiday paradise. Most visitors to mainland Tanzania choose to spend a relaxing few holidays on the magnificent beaches of Zanzibar after their exciting Tanzania safaris.

Zanzibar boasts beautiful tracts of  palm lined white sandy beaches which provide an amazing backdrop for a memorable beach holiday. Zanzibar has numerous beach resorts (from simple beach cottages to 5-star luxury) which offer a range of activities including but not limited to  water-sports, scuba diving, snorkelling, sunset cruises on white-sailed dhows.Some of the world's best seafood restaurants are found here.

Tracking chimpanzees on Lake Tanganyika

For visitors seeking to track chimps away from Kibale Forest in Uganda or Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda, you get the opportunity to track wild chimpanzees in the Gombe Stream and Mahale national parks on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Both  Gombe and Mahale National parks have awesome scenery with  forested valleys and beautiful  the lakes.

Trekking/Climbing  Mount Kilimanjaro.

For adventure safari travellers climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is also a dream. We arranged treks to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and same can be arranged over 6/7 or 8 days via different routes. In addition to providing you with a self drive rental vehicle we also offer rental of camping gear and climbing equipment.

Kilimanjaro is the highest peak on the African continent at 5,895m .Mt Kilimanjaro has provided an adventure once in a lifetime adventure challenge to many visitors to Tanzania  with its snow-capped peak for decades. It is without a doubt hard going to summit to the top but intending trekkers with reasonable fitness levels can achieve the dream of getting to the top of Mt Kili as it is popularly known. Trekking the Kili  organised safaris  include guides, porters, food and equipment. Watching the sunrise over this awesome summit is a lifelong dream to many a trekkers.

Visit Bagamoyo

The ancient town of Bagamoyo, 72km north of Dar es Salaam, was a once a slave port and terminal for the trade caravans. The town's mosque and Arab tombs date from the 18th century, while there are a number of churches and mission buildings dating from the 19th century and later on buildings from when the Germans occupied the town during the colonial period. Pick up a guide for a walk around town and it is an easy day excursion from Dar es Salaam with your self drive rental car or with a driver 4x4 rental car.

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