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Car hire Gambia.

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When you choose to go on a holiday to The Gambia and require a rental car, why not let us provide you with a rental car that suits your car hire requirements and budget. We have been providing holiday car hire requirements in The Gambia since 2007. We offer a variety of cars for hire including sedan cars, saloon cars, 4x4 cars, tour cars for rental etc. For your perfect holiday in Gambia car rental requirements, let us be your car hire company.

Gambia is fondly known as "The smiling Coast of Africa". Whether you are seeking an awesome holiday, an seasoned ardent traveller in search of an encounter out of the ordinary or an astute businessman, The Gambia awaits and welcomes you.

The Gambia is a very exciting destination for visitors, especially because of its geographical location and its proximity to Europe of only 6 flight hours. The Gambia is extremely rich in natural waterways, that provide splendid water sports opportunities for adventure holiday enthusiasts, fishing and inland cruises. The Gambia is also a birder's paradise with over 560 bird species, plus being a host for a number of forest parks, bird reserves, sky diving and dolphin viewings.

The Gambia boasts a long list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including; Fort Bullen, Barra, Kunta Kinteh Island, CFAO building, Maurel Freres Building, Remains of Portuguese Chapel, San Domingo and Six Gun Battery. The Capital of The Gambia is Banjul . The country enjoys uninterrupted sunshine and high temperatures with almost no rainfall from November to June, making it a beautiful getaway destination from the European and North American winters.

A few visitor attractions you should not miss when you visit The Gambia.

1. Abuko Nature Reserve; When you visit Abuko Nature Reserve you will get to explore much of The Gambia's wildlife all in 1 day. The reserve is situated a comfortable 30 minutes from the coastal resort areas. The wildlife you will encounter includes, monitor lizards, hornbills, the green vervet monkeys, crocodiles and bushbucks.

2.  Boat trips on the River Gambia. Over 1 day or more, one gets to enjoy the river Gambia and its multitude of tributaries. Emabark on creek tours, fishing trips  or river trips. While visiting The Gambi, enjoy a beautiful rejuvenating day out on the creeks or river tributaries of the River Gambia. Most creek tours and fishing trips set off from Denton Bridge or Lamin Lodge, but local camps and operators  along the river also organize such tours. The sundeck of your boat  will offer  you a good view of the mangrove swamps; the birds and the women who are often seen harvesting oyster from their dugout canoes.

3. Serrekunda Market. The Serrekunda Market is the largest liveliest market in The Gambia. The market is conveniently located close to the coastal resort areas. You can literrally purchase anything and everything from here. From clothing, freshly ground baobab fruit, dried fish, peanut butter to shoes in all colours.

4. Gambian Reptile Farm. The reptile farm is located between Gunjur and Kartong. Get up close and personal with an african python and get to learn about Gambian wildlife and conservation initiatives when you visit the reptile farm.

5. Makasutu Cultural Forest. Enjoy an evening of local dance, drumming and singing. While visiting the Makasutu cultural forest, learn about traditional herbal medicine, explore the mangrove forests on pirogue guided tours or take cookery and pottery lessons.

6. Tanji fishing village. Watch the catch of the day as it is being freshly caught and mauled to the river shore in large plastic buckets balanced perfectly on the heads of local women. You are able to purchase any amount of fish that you may prefer.

Coastal Excursions (Half-day Orientation Tours)
There are  a few  variations of this excursion tour,  but it is usually packaged as a half day tour of Banjul and neighbouring  areas. The tour  covers visits to the National Museum, Banjul Market, Arch 22, Serrekunda Market, the batik and tie-and-dye factory in Serrekunda, Bakau Craft Markets and the legendary Katchikally Crocodile Pool.

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