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Habari Africa is a car hire company offering self drive, with chauffeur or combined car hire in Gabon Central West Africa. We offer 4x4 wheeled drive safari vehicles, Airport car rentals, SUVs, city rentals, vans, off road terrain vehicles, camping vehicles, camping equipment and safari equipment. We provide you with regular car rental, short lease car rentals, long term car rentals of  90 days or more at discounted rates. A self drive safari is an amazing and exciting option of exploring Gabon as it offers you flexibility to explore all you want at your desired pace, it is also a great way of experiencing Gabon’s eye catching destinations on your own. Self drive car rental gives you the freedom to explore Gabon personal and up close as you can freely make stops on the way, add something on your tailor made itinerary that wasn’t part of your original plan. Nothing guarantees you more freedom than booking your own vehicle. A 4x4 vehicle ascertains easy access to remote, unexplored  off  road terrain destinations such as Cirque de Leconi a geological deep rock canyon landmark filled with loose sand located near the Congo border in South Eastern Gabon,Banteka Plateau a breathtaking river crossed savannah with animal species such as buffalos, antelopes and elephants.

 Our  4x4 Safari rental fleet includes:-Nissan Single and Double cab 4x4, Toyota Land cruiser 4x4, Toyota Land Cruiser Single and Double cabs, Toyota Fortuner 4x4, Land Rover Discovery 4x4, Toyota Hilux Double cab 4x4 at economical rental rates, comfortable vehicles with excellent on and off road performance, excellent fuel consumption, reliability, good ride height for game viewing, good load space , automatic or manual transmission. All you have to do is contact us for your 4x4 safari vehicle, then you can relax as our professional team will help you tailor an itinerary that works for you if prefer it that way, we can help you plan your 4x4 holiday in Gabon ensuring that you have an exciting , safe and comfortable trip as you desire  and the most interesting part being we would go with you all the way.

 Gabon car hire locations.

 Our popular 4x4 car hire locations in Gabon include:- Port Gentil, Port Gentil Airport, Libreville, Leon M BA Airport, Lambarene, Franceville.

Your may pick up or drop off your 4x4 vehicle at Port Gentil or in Libreville. We are just a call away if you want us to deliver your vehicle to you at the airport, at your hotel  or to any destination or location of your choice.

Popular Gabon Destinations include:- Loango National Park a fascinating picturesque and exotic coastline with great stretches of  virgin beaches and home to rainforest animal species such as elephants, western lowland gorillas, 0ver 600 myriad species of birds, fish, marine mammals, reptiles and plants. Libreville, Franceline, Cathedral of St.Micheal exceptionally famous for its 31 unusual, magnificent wooden columns each explaining a Biblical scene that were carved by a blind craftsman, these are attractions that your sure to love and are worth paying a visit.

 About Gabon.

 Gabon is an undeveloped, densely forested equatorial country bordered to the West by the Atlantic Ocean, North by Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon on the East and South by Congo. It’s a unique oil and mineral reserves country with prior government emphasis on maintaining its rich eco tourism heritage in regards to its beaches, coastal waters, massive savanna grasslands, teeming wildlife and pristine rainforests. Libreville the capital of Gabon is the most charming , largest, most vibrant and liveliest cosmopolitan city facing the Atlantic ocean with markets such as Mount Bouet market and Nkembo. These markets have all that you need from wood and stone carvings to foods of all types and other essentials and you can freely exercise your bargaining skills here, there are plenty of stalls with locally made traditional gifts such as musical instruments. Don’t miss out Village des Artisans a local art and crafts village where your sure to shop all you want.

 The official national language in Gabon is French and also its mandatory  in schools and it’s the most spoken language by the nationals so be sure to learn a few essential French  phrases and words so that you can easily cope communicating with the locals. Other regional dialects such as Myene, Fang, Eshira, Nzebi are also common among  the locals.

 The official National currency is the CFA francs (Communicate Financiere Africaine) and can be got at authorized exchange bureaus and banks. Most expenses such as paying a taxi fare, shopping, paying a tour guide may necessitate use of CFA francs. Approximately, 1US$=544CFA, 1Pound=996CFA.

 Driving in Gabon requires one to have a driving license and if you’re a foreign driver ensure that you carry your International Driving License. Always drive on the right hand side of the road. Beware to keep your valuables out of sight, ensure that your windows and doors are locked at all times as thieves are known to steal mirrors, spare tyres and all they can lay their hands on. If you plan to explore off road terrain and dirty roads destinations then hire a 4x4 for a more comfortable and easier safari adventure.

                      self drive car hire Gabon.

Gabon flights are a common way through which most visitors enter the country with flights such as Royal Air Maroc that flies from Paris with a stopover in Casablanca(Morocco)-Libreville being its final destination. Air France flies directly from France to Libreville. Domestic and flights to neighboring countries are also provided by Libreville’s Leon MBA Airport for example to Brazzaville(Congo), Lagos(Nigeria), Johannesburg( South Africa) and to many other countries. All you need to enter Gabon is a passport, visa, valid yellow fever immunization certificate from your country. British Nationals require visas to visit this country.

 Upon touching base on Gabon soil we can provide you with our proficient car hire rental services at airports such as M’vengue airport –Franceville west of Masuku,Leon MBA International Airport North West of Libreville, Oyem Airport, Moanda Airport, Yengzi Gamba Airport to your preferred destination. We can pick you or drop you off to your elegant hotel, camp site, lodge such as Hotel Tropicana, Le Meridien Mandji, Novotel Libreville, Somotel Libreville, Loango Lodge, Evengue lodge, Akaka Bush Camp, Tassi Savannah Camp, Laico Okoume Palace to mention but a few. We can pick you  or deliver to you  your car rental  at your hotel or any location of your choice.


Below is a 7 days tailor made itinerary for your holiday in  Gabon.

 Day 1.

Arrival at the airport. You will be met by our professional English Speaking Driver with a sign card bearing your name.

We will deliver to you your car rental there or our driver can take you to your hotel, lodge or accommodation suits. It’s important that you take one step at time, so you can just relax and catch your breath from your flight, take the rest of the day off in preparation for your next day’s exciting adventure.

 Day 2.

Explore Libreville – the capital of Gabon located in the Western region and faces the oceanic coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Visit Port Owendo, Komo river which runs through the city.

 You can also pay a visit to the Libreville markets of Mon-Bouet and Nkembo for your most thrilling shopping experience.

In the evening, if you’re a clubbing fun, you may choose from a multitude of exciting and vibrant night clubs and bars which often offer entertainment of fantastic  Gabonese live music a unique blend of various folk sounds and instruments. There are also sophisticated casinos for those who may wish to gamble a dollar or more or you may choose to enjoy a quiet dinner in your hotel room.

 Day 3.

Spot the Presidential Palace a tranquil remarkable landscape, St.Micheal Cathedral a stunning landmark in Libreville.  Visit National Museums in Libreville with some of the most eye catching local Fang style of wood carvings inspired by Picasso’s figures .

 Day 4

Travel to the  Southern side of Gabon. Check out Pont de Poubara, Poubara falls,  River Ogooue, Port Gentil, Lope –Okanda Reserve-largest National Park. Then also spot Mayumba strip, Sette Cama, Mayumba National Park.

 Day 5.

You can book accommodations at places like Evengue lodge, Loango lodge. Check out Evengue island-gorilla sanctuary, Loango National Park, Inguela Lagoons opposite Loango National Park. Check out Lope-Okanda Reserve-largest National Park near La Lope National Park.

 Day 6.

Enjoy a day camping at Pte.Ste. Catherine North of Loango National Park a 30 minutes boat ride from Loango lodge.

 Day 7.

Check out Cirque de Leconi located near the Congolese border, Saint Hilaire’s church,  President Omar Bongo’s statue.


                    Car Hire Gabon.

Engaging and exciting Activities in Gabon include;- fishing  a popular activity especially among European visitors at Places like Port Gentil in the expansive lagoons of River Ogooue. Water sport beach activities include wind surfing, hippo and elephant surfing, off shore activities, whale watching(over 3000 humpback whales) popular along the South Coast from July to September, sea turtle patrolling common from October to February hoping to catch nesting marine turtles species of  Olive ridley, leatherback, hawksbill and green turtles. Beaching cycling mainly dependant on tides and waves, deep sea fishing, beach walks, mangrove hikes, game viewing are all popular tour activities in Gabon. Trust me, when it comes to camping and day trip excursions in Gabon, there will always be something lurking nearby to inspire you to do more.

 All you need to do give us your car hire needs specifications and requirements and we will deliver service to your satisfaction. We offer a range of specialized services that include route planning, itineraries, Airport transfers, self drive Safaris, guided Safaris and tours, online booking, introduction to the vehicle and equipment, comprehensive insurance cover, unlimited mileage, a variety of  car hire locations such as Port Gentil, Libreville, Port Gentil Airport, 4x4 campers  including Toyota Hilux Bush Camper, Toyota Land Cruiser Bush camper, 4x4 pick up and drop off at popular cities of Libreville and Port Gentil, comprehensive range of fully equipped/unequipped 4x4 vehicles such as Land Rover Defender, Nissan Double and Single cabs, Toyota Land cruiser.

 Camping equipment comprising of rooftop tents, Safari dome tents, mattresses, beddings, cooler box, kitchen box with all cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery, spot light, camping light, barbeque kit, storage crate, axe, spade can also be provided to you at an extra fee along with your camping vehicle. Enjoy camping in places like Pte.Ste. Catherine Beach camp, Akaka Bush camp, Tassi Savannah camp, Gorilla Forest trek in Mikongo Camp Gorilla National Park is a fun activity not worth missing, Loango National Park Southern Camping Ground.


Enjoy exploring Gabon an often overlooked Holiday destination, internationally accredited for its unique devotion to its local landscapes featuring lagoons, mountains, National Parks in the vicinity of your 4x4 safari rental vehicle.  Simply fill in our online booking form or you can calls us and email to secure your rental booking for Gabon.


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