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  Cameroon is an equatorial country located in Central Western Africa with Nigeria on its West, Chad, and Central African Republic in the East and Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon in the South. The country’s name was derived from the term River Wouri (River of Prawns- renowned for having a variety of clay fish). For your ultimate holiday experience, Cameroon is a favorite holiday country with lots of attractions varying from region to region. The country is blessed with over 16 airports including Douala International Airport- the busiest and primary airport in Cameroon, Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport located in Yaoundé the capital of Cameroon, Garoua International Airport, Salak Airport, Limbe Airport, Mamfe Airport, Bamenda Airport and Kribi Airport among others. Habari Africa car rentals would be honored to offer you the most competitive car hire rates to and from any airport to any destination of your choice.


Habari Africa Limited is a car rental company offering Self drive rental deals, with chauffeur car hire, Airport car rentals, city car hire, long term safari rental deals, one way and two way rental deals all over Cameroon. Wherever you choose to go in this country, we’ve got your car rental needs covered to suit your preferences and budget. Our car rental locations include: - the major cities of Yaoundé, Bamenda, Buea, Nkongsamba, Maroua, Douala, Kumbo, Limbe and Bafoussam. Vehicle pick up and drop off would be in the major cities of Yaoundé and Douala-the largest city in Cameroon.


Enjoy discounted car rental prices and economical car hire rates in Cameroon just a call a way. Simply fill in our non obligatory online booking form or you can just email us for your most ardent and perfect travel arrangements in Cameroon.  We provide you with a large fleet of 4x4 rental cars ranging from Luxury vehicles, SUVs, mini vans, Safari vehicles, economy cars to off road terrain 4x4 vehicles that can get you to unexplored destinations worth exploring. We have the perfect car for you, whether you’re traveling for business, visiting friends or an avid traveler wishing to see all Cameroon offers, all you have to do is book a car with Habari for the best car rental deals on the market that you’ll never receive from any other rental company in Cameroon.


 We provide a variety of 4x4wheeled drive rental cars that include:- Toyota Hilux single and Double cabs 4x4, Land rover defender 4x4, Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4, Land Rover Discovery 4x4, Toyota Fortuner 4x4. These vehicles have 4x4 off road capabilities, easy to use, fuel economy and are offered on unlimited mileage basis; full comprehensive insurance coverage and the rates that we quote for you include no extra or hidden costs. Explore  forested Cameroon a country with an intriguing, rich and diverse cultural heritage reflected in the different languages spoken, religions, traditional clothing worn and the different ethnical tribes in the vicinity of your 4x4 self drive rental that ascertains flexibility and travel at your own desired pace.

                     4x4 car Hire Cameroon.

 Cameroon is a magnificent tropical country with hot and humid conditions in the South and West more so around Mt.Cameroon that receives equatorial climate with intense rains being received throughout the year and also June and October are rainy months. The Sahel in the North receives dry climate hence its usually hotter and drier in the North. December and March are usually dry months. The intense rains received from July- October make most of the roads muddy, slippery and impassable making these the worst months to travel. The best time to visit Cameroon  is between November to February these being  cool and dry months and the best time to avoid the foggy, dusty and hazy Harmattan winds that blow sands from the Sahara deterring your vision and making it hard to see what’s ahead of you.


The official languages in Cameroon are English and French and these are both taught in schools. Cameroon has more than 270 tribes with each ethnic group speaking a language of their own totaling up to approximately 279 languages. Some of the local languages spoken include Akoose, Vute, Tibea, Babanki, Gidar, Arabic, and Shuwa among others.


The official currency used in Cameroon is CFA Franc BEAC, CFA standing for Financial Cooperation in Central Africa. This currency is also used in fourteen other countries and it’s issued and managed by the bank of Central African States. If you’re traveling to Cameroon you will need to exchange your currency to CFA Francs. 1Euro =655.957 XOF, I USD=497.189XOF, 1GBP=824.574XOF. You can exchange your money at most Cameroon banks or foreign exchange bureaus in Yaoundé and in other major cities. There are banks at the airport but they don’t usually offer the best exchange rates. Feel free to withdrawal money from the ATM using your visa card; this is mainly possible in the larger cities of Bamenda, Yaoundé and Douala. Master cards and travelers cheques don’t usually work in this country but you can also make use of Western Union transfer by transferring money from your foreign bank though charges of 5% may apply.


Top must visit attractions and destinations in Cameroon include:-Mt.Cameroon locally known as the Mountain of Greatness-an active volcanic mountain with the last eruption dated to have taken place in 2000, you can enjoy camping, mountain hiking and trekking on the steepest trails of this mountain. Enjoy game viewing at National Parks such as Benoue National Park, Korup National Park, Bouba Ndijidah National Park, Waza National Park, Lobeke National Park with a variety of primates, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, black rhinoceros, elands, elephants, buffaloes, birds, red river hog, yellow backed duiker, bongo antelope, giant forest hog, geese, hartebeests, cobs, lions, guinea fowl, eagles, marabous, pelicans, warthogs among others. Check out Rhumsiki a village that featuring a maze of paths linking to Kapsiki- these are small farms that are homes to the Kirdi and also features the spectacular Kapsiki Mountains.

                                         4x4 safari car Hire Cameroon.

 In the vicinity of your Nissan or Toyota Hilux 4x4 rental, enjoy the amazing and beautiful scenery through the central highlands to Nkongsamba and Doula with spectacular valleys and waterfalls. Don’t leave out Limbe a port town with botanical gardens with wonderful and beautiful sandy beaches in its vicinity. Enjoy rock climbing at a splendid and stunning huge rock formation known as Le Dent de Mindif, hiking at the Mandara Mountains. Check out a collection of traditional arts and crafts at places like the National Museum of Yaoundé.

                 4x4 Cameroon car Hire at Budget prices.


Driving Tips in Cameroon.

Most of the roads in the country are unpaved so you’re advised to rent a 4x4wd more so to the remote areas and off road terrain destinations in the East.

Make sure you have an international driving permit if you’re a foreign driver.

Drive on the right hand side and always drive at a considerable speed limit for your own personal safety and to avoid causing accidents.

The driving age limit is 18yrs and you must have had a driving license for at least a year.

Having excess insurance is advised, avoid traveling after dark and always keep your possessions in a safe place to avoid attracting thieves and pick pockets.

Watch out for very dusty roads more so during the dry season.


Contact us for the best car rental offers, discounted car hire rates and for the lowest rental rates in Cameroon for your most exhilarating holiday. We provide you with different car rental options self drive, with driver or combined car hire to all appealing and exciting places in Cameroon. We provide you with a wide fleet of 4x4 affordable rentals, design a tailor made itinerary for you,  we can book or recommend accommodation for our clients , a variety of pick up or drop off locations such as Yaoundé and Douala  for excellent unforgettable car rental services for your most exciting lost in time enchanting holiday experience in Cameroon.


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