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We operate our car rental vehicles in a variety of locations in Benin with the aim of providing convenience and flexibility to all our clients as you can pick up your car rental anywhere you desire or we can deliver your serviced and well maintained 4x4 car rental wherever you’re. Habari Africa is an independent, proficient and experienced travel company that has been operating 4x4 self -drive or with chauffeur car hire options to most Western Africa destinations.  If you’re exploring or travelling to Western Africa be it for a holiday, safari, visiting friends or flying in for your big meeting in Porto Novo (business), we have your car rental needs covered. Search and book your cheap 4x4 car rental to all Benin destinations. Popular Benin car rental locations include but are not limited to the following:-

  •    Porto Novo
  •   Cotonou
  •   Cotonou Cadjehoun International Airport.
  •   Ouidah
  •   Natitingou
  •   Abomey
  •    Ganvie.

Feel free to pick up or drop off your Benin 4x4 car rental in Porto Novo and Cotonou. You can also pick or drop off your vehicle from any other major town in Benin though additional charges may apply.


If you’re travelling to Western Africa countries of Togo, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Benin, be it for business, pleasure or safari, Habari Africa would be honoured to handle your car hire requirements, cheap 4x4 Benin cars> one way car hire deals> short term rental leases> discounted long term car rental, a multitude of 4x4 car hire options> self drive 4x4 vehicles to all Benin destinations> with driver car rentals. We provide you with a wide rental fleet ranging from economy 4x4s, compact 4x4 vehicles, cheap and discounted car hire rates, standard 4x4s, automatic or mechanical cars,, large vans, private 4x4s,  SUVs, mini vans small, medium and large 4x4 cars and these vehicles are provided on unlimited mileage basis and have  insurance cover.

 Our 4x4 vehicles include:-Toyota 4x4 Land cruiser, Nissan single and double cab, Nissan Navara, Land Rover Defender, Toyota Hilux mini bus, Toyota single and double cabs, Toyota Hilux bush camper. These vehicles are well maintained, fuel economy, easy to drive, have excellent ground clearance for excellent game viewing and are offered at the most affordable, competitive and discounted car hire rates on the market.

                                    4x4 car hire Benin.

We can provide you with 4x4 camping vehicles and camping equipment, 4x4 fully equipped campers or 4x4 unequipped campers at reasonable discounted car rental rates. Providing you with camping equipment will attract an additional surcharge of US$40 per day for 2 people.


      Benin’s National parks and culture are the most magnetic tourist attractions to this wonderful country. Popular Benin attractions include Porto Novo- capital of Benin, bubbling and vibrant city fancied for its amazing architecture and beautiful museums. Pendjari National Park and W National Park shared by Niger, Burkina Faso and Benin offer the best wildlife viewing experience in Western Africa with wildlife animals such as elephants, lions, giraffes, zebra and crocodiles among others. Check out the famous water town of Ganvie a spectacular home that harbors breathtaking Lake Nokoue, spot the idyllic Djougou tower houses comprising of clay and sand, and enjoy nature’s calming effect at the beaches of Grand Popo.

   Explore the Basilica of Ouidah an exhilarating place renowned for its slave trade and has excellent and beautiful artefacts and art pieces in its Museum as well as other exhibits relating to the slavery days. Abomey is a must see place in Benin known for its breathtaking royal palace ruins and overwhelming famous temples. Buy a thing or two or even more at the Dankoli fetish market situated near Savalou, Grand Marche du Dantopka is popular for the skulls sold, Voodoo is freely practised in most parts of Benin.


There are plenty of Airports spread all over Benin. These airports are both international and domestic with Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport being the only international Airport in Benin and it’s the major, primary and most important airport in Benin. Domestic airports include:- Boundetingou Airport, Kandi Airport, Parakou Airport, Bohicon Airport, Porga Airport, Natitingou Airport, Cana Airport, Bembereke Airport, Save Airport and Djougou Airport. Popular Benin Airlines include Air France, Air Antrak, Ethiopian Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air Burkina, Air Canada, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, United Airlines, Royal Air Maroc and Air Senegal International offering flights to most destinations.

Habari Africa would be glad to help you book your discounted flight ticket, cheap flight deals, flight holiday package deals Benin and also offers affordable airport transfers from most Benin Airports and Airport 4x4 rental cars offered at the most competitive car hire deals.

Book your exciting and enchanting 4x4 Benin safari vehicle online with Habari Africa for your most authentic holiday vacation tour in the Republic of Benin. Contact us on +256.782.014.207 OR +256.392.897.704 OR +44790.863.9450 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .








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